Wondering what Gianvito’s been up to lately?

Wondering what Gianvito’s been up to lately?

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Just when I decided to do a leisure shoe web surf with no interruptions, guess who caught me in my tracks? GIANVITO ROSSI!

Let me tell you how.

For many countries around the Eastern and Northern hemisphere, summer has sadly passed while fall has so heartily rolled in, and of course many of our favorite shoe brands have been right on time in designing and rolling out the most appropriate shoes to match the weather. So while simply checking-in on one of my all-time favourite luxury brands, my eyes popped when the page containing Gianvito’s new Fall/Winter 2016 collection opened up, revealing some beautiful, elegant and  strut-worthy shoes which according to him, “takes its inspiration from the regimented precision of richly decorated Navy Officers”. The new collection consists of sets of stilettos in mature colors, with impeccable and absolutely unique designs. Well after a breathless run-through, here are my top 5 selections of them all – arranged in preferential order 😀 .

#1 – AUGUSTA ( Blue & Red Velvet + Gold)


#2 – VENDOME BOOTIE (Black Suede + Gold)


#3- MARSHAL (Black + Red & Gold)


#4 – MARCHESA (Emerald green)




From carefully embroidered colorful and exquisite stitches, alluring strings and straps,  to gorgeous loops and porsche buttons, Gianvito Rossi has so got me tripping all over these! But wait…could it be just my roots of having attended a Naval Secondary School that has got me very attracted to these? Or am I simply being propelled by my inextinguishable love for all things fabulous, especially shoes? Hmmm… well I think it’s a mix of both, although the latter kinda has a higher hand :D.

Anyway, when a girl loves, she loves hard – even if it’s shoes she can’t afford – yet. So I’m keeping my hopes for these shoes alive and you probably should too. Place them right on your wishlist without looking back, and you just never know who might be listening 🙂 .

To get yourself some naval sexiness and even more from Gianvito’s atelier of ultra-glam foot wears; right in time for the many events coming up this season, click here. Oh, and don’t think it was an oversight; I deliberately waited till the end to let you in on where to get them 😉 .Kpele. No vex. hehehe….

Final words: Me So Loveee!

Do you? 😀




  • O…M….G…!!!
    Those Augustas-stunning! In fact…the whole range..FABULOUS!!
    There’s a definite military feel to these, probabably the gold braid and lush colours…if I had a pair of the Marchesas, I would team them with good jeans and a cashmere military style trenchcoat…sigh…well, I can dream!
    Great post, thank you! xx
    *BIG hugs*

    • Nice nice nice nice! Gianvito sure did an awesome job with those. And about the Marchesas, who says dreams don’t come true? 😀 . Thanks so much for your comment. Loved it!

      • Hi again 🙂
        Just to let you know I nominated you for the Real Neat Blog Award.
        No pressure to accept, but if you are interested, the details are on today’s post on my blog.
        Thank you 🙂 xx

        • Hi Samantha! I just read this! Thanks 😀 . I’ll head there right away to see the post.


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