Wedding Treats!

Wedding Treats!

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Yea, legs were made for walking. But without feet to step with, legs aren’t just incomplete but also irrelevant. Same it is with our big days: without the best shoes on, our steps are incomplete and almost immemorable.

I had a really long, amazing, fun-filled and emotional weekend. In one word. it was terrific! Wondering what went down during my weekend? smiles Of course I wouldn’t fail to fill you in!

Well, I watched a close friend walk down the aisle in her mesmerizing white dress, with tears in her eyes and of course with a pair of stunning statement shoes on her feet! She looked so adorable!

Staring at her feet, (don’t give me that face for staring please! I couldn’t just help it. Her shoes were just so beautiful and you know how shoes make me tick.. giggling ), it dawned on me how many other females in different parts of the world were doing the exact same thing she was doing, on the same day, at almost the same time, and how many more would go through that same route in time to come.

Now that got me thinking, and I realized that one inevitable decision every girl who begins her “aisle journey” must make, is finding the perfect wedding dress to suit her body type and the most suitable shoes to complete her ensemble. So my post today, is to help you in picking out the right wedding shoes to flatter your feet and create that memorable look which you so desire to have on one of the best days of your life!

We’ll be looking at three crème de la crème wedding shoes today. So let’s start with my friend’s wedding shoe!

Here it is:

Jimmy's Anouk

It’s a nude colored pointy toe JIMMY CHOO Anouk Pump, covered in a shadow coarse glitter fabric. She wore the silver of this, which was even prettier!

I like it not just ‘cos it’s elegant and stylish, but also very comfortable to walk on, even in a long flowing wedding dress. Fashion-Smart is what I’ld call any girl who opts for this! i.e. my friend LOL

Now let’s see the next one:

wedding 4


It’s a BELLUCI White Lace Pump, adorned with crystal embellishments in front. ROYAL is just the word for this simple, yet classy wedding shoe. It looks even more comfy than the first, so you need not worry about tripping! Pamper your feet with this adorable piece on your wedding day, as you take those sure steps into the arms of your beloved!

And the third is…..

Wedding 5

Not everyone likes covered shoes. Some people prefer their toes open and breathing. So if you’re one of such people, this is for you! With its silver metallic leather and crystal diamond decor, this AQUAZZURA “Milla” Sandal would give you a grande entry into your newly married life! A ball dress would hide the beauty of this remarkable piece, so I think it would be perfect on a straight cut wedding dress. Honestly, this here is the boldest and most gorgeous bridal foot wear I’ve come across in a long time.
So, score effortlessly “aisle style” with these Top-Notch wedding footwears, as you go shoe shopping for your big day!
Personally, if I were asked to make a choice amongst the three wedding shoes, I would pick………………………. THE THIRD: AQUAZZURA “Milla” Silver Metallic Sandal!
It’s exactly my kind of stuff! *wink*
So what about you? Which would you prefer???


  • I LOVE the 1st one!!!!

  • The first pair would make an excellent choice. Besides sublimely contrasting the typical white gowns, you could call on those after the wedding and show up in the same shoes at work.. who’s looking? Laughs

  • Lol@”who’s looking?” Nice one Donald!

  • Beautiful shoes! Almost worth getting married for..

    • You sure got that right Samantha! 🙂

  • The Choo’s! OMG – those are awesome 🙂

    • They truly are! My eyes popped the moment I saw the silver ones on my friend’s feet!


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