Tuesday Quickie – Could this be a Knock-Off???

Tuesday Quickie – Could this be a Knock-Off???

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Hi beautiful!

It’s Tuesday- I’m pretty sure that annoying post weekend nostalgic feeling is almost completely worn off by now; just like mine :D.

Yesterday wasn’t funny at all; it just felt like a loud bang bolted me out of a very sweet sleep! 🙁 (you know that feeling right?). But well, I had to embrace the reality of the weekend being over, and face the fact that it was time to quit being all grumpy, but rather reach out for the opportunities ahead of me this week, and focus on executing all of the plans I set out to achieve before the week ends, again. So….here I am! 🙂

Well focusing on the present with the absolute intention of adding some bubble to your week, I’ve got some tasty, well-served news for you which I stumbled upon during one of my recent daily shoe-dive rituals. Look at this:


QUPID Colorblock Strappy Dress Sandal

At first when I saw this sandal, I knew it looked too familiar to be just some idea in my head, but I couldn’t really place it. Then all of a sudden, like an epiphany it hit me; the resemblance was just too strong to overlook. Wondering what I’m talking about? Wait till you see this:


STEVE MADDEN Colorblock Strappy Stiletto Heel Sandal

This Steve Madden’s piece was featured in my Sales Alert post on August 13th alongside other shoe brands who were offering really juicy sales deals at the time. But looking at these two, could it be a coincidence, or is there more to it than meets the eyes? :O


But is it also a coincidence that Qupid has had a repeat pop-up on Chic-Soles steal-deal radar? Hmmm… Well no harm meant though; just the power of discovery at work :).

Usually, I don’t over-react when I see High Street replicas of shoes by renowned creme-de- la- creme high fashion brands, ‘cos that’s the whole idea of the High Street industry anyway – to give the average individual an opportunity to afford to look just as stunning without having to spend an exorbitant sum, through just-as-nice, irresistible alternatives to what the luxury brands offer, while of course keeping up with the fashion trends.. And that has obviously paid-off on the part of designers, retailers and end users, considering the speed at which the shelves get cleared, giving room for new and more beautiful collections to spring forth.

Qupid might be innocent (just maybe), but now it’s becoming a somewhat disturbing trend for some group of High Street shoe brands to create knock-offs of some other set of not necessarily older, but more highly priced brands on the same High Street. I really do not get it. Sure there’s no law that says it’s wrong for you to draw inspiration from another designers work, but at least a little more than just a form of style originality would be good for any brand, right? Or could the excuse be that all possible shoe design ideas to cater for this generation have all been used up, so that’s why some brands simply copy and then modify? :O hmmmm……….

Well, with this development, it’s clear the High Street shoe-fashion world is being split into two segments; two sub-streets.. Lol. But yea, like seriously:

  • The Uptown high street
  • The downtown high street

N.B– These classifications are more about the pricings than the qualities.

I personally wouldn’t want to call names (I mean…they’re all of pretty decent quality and stuff, and of course the downtown guys help a lady’s shoe closet get fuller in time), but if you pay more attention to the price ranges – like I mentioned just right above, you’d be able to distinguish A from B ;).

Nevertheless, there’s no doubt Qupid still retains its strategic place on the charts of high street shoe brands pulling in the weight season after season, as it remains high in demand and hasn’t fallen short of its flawless reputation of super-prettiness and comfort on the streets. So Qupid, I’m right on your side! 🙂

Designed for Fashionistas on a budget, yet still above board fabulous, big thanks to Qupid anyway for helping us save some good cash – probably enough to buy a decent pair of jeans and a good top to go! 😀 . Oh, yes, may I also inform you of how handy Qupid’s Colorblock Strappy Sandal would definitely come in on an all-black outfit, especially now that Steve Madden’s Version is out of stock? So you know what to do, right? Click here to get it for $28.79 ;).

Thanks for the read! As always, I’d love to know what you think – about the lovely Qupid brand, the shoe in-feature or the high-street shoe fashion world in general.

Have a delightful week ahead!




  • Hmm that’s difficult…
    Put it this way, I aspire to owning Jimmy Choos. I’ll probably never be able to afford them. Would I buy a similar pair at a lower price…no…it’s the name!! I’m not a brand snob, apart from shoes…I think Qupid should have confidence in their own brand really as they have their own place in fashion.
    Oh well..going to go and paint the soles of my trainers red…- not!!
    Great post, *big hugs* 🙂

    • True words about the need for Qupid to have confidence in its own brand, ‘cos you (not you Samantha, Lol) really don’t have to look like anyone else to be accepted. Let people love you for you, not just because they think you could stand in as a replacement for another 🙂 . And I see you’re about to invent some Loub Trainers there! 😀 Thanks so much for the comment. Have a lovely day ahead *hugs back*

  • I suppose this is case in point of the trickle down in action, in the supposed hierarchy of fashion. It’s just now become all about cloning, look at how many Rockstuds are on the market right now or a few years ago when Primark were selling an exact copy of the 2.55 bag. I feel that social media has accellerated the pace of fashion so much that copying rather than taking inspiration is the only way fast fashion brands can keep up, and high fashion cares less about it because they know it will only be 3 months until a new collection comes out. I don’t like it but I suppose we all have to live with it!

    • So rightly spoken. But with the rate at which the whole copy-cycle is going, I feel the high fashion folks would begin to care more soon. Although luxury brands will always have their place at the top-shelves, that sure doesn’t guarantee them higher patronage. Well, keeping up is what the fast fashion brands have got to do, although sadly at the detriment of some others. Like you said anyway; we just have to live with it :). Thanks a lot for your comment Meinheels. XoXo…


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