To my BIG FEET sisters…

To my BIG FEET sisters…

To My Big Feet Sisters... (1)

On several occasions over the past few years, I’ve had some of my friends lament about how large their feet are and how as a result, it’s always rather too much work trying to find shoes that fit. Now just in case you’re wondering, the average feet size of a female is estimated around  size 8 – 9 (UK). But when a female’s feet exceed this range, she is automatically grouped into the big feet league.

This “big feet” issue has lingered for so long in the shoe-fashion industry and has emanated some really ridiculous prejudice, making the subject a rather sensitive one among women. So before you continue the read, there are three (3) major myths which need to be debunked to clear the stage for our topic of discussion:

Myth 1: The “big” girls are the ones with the bigger feet                                       

Debunk: Hell no! You can imagine how shocked I was to see a girl of size 8 stature, in size 42 shoes! Here are my favourite examples:

Big feet girlsOh! And guess who else has big feet; in a size 11.5 at that?

Michelles big feet!

Uhn-hun! It’s who you think it is: Michelle Obama. Deal with it! 😯

Myth 2: The prettier shoes are made only in smaller sizes

Debunk: Nope! Check this out 😀

Big sizes

So for the sake of interpretation, below is a chart showing the top three (3) regional shoe sizes and equivalents.

Shoe chart.png

Myth 3: Girls in the big feet league can only wear covered shoes

Debunk: Several shoe brands globally have done a great job at incorporating larger sizes into their various collections; from dress sandals to peep-toes, etc., because they have of course realised how incredibly indispensable you are, in their target demographics 😀 .

Some call it wide feet, while some others call it big/large feet. Whatever you decide to call it anyway, we’ve got you covered girl. So considering that one of our goals on the ChicSoles blog is to eventually create an online store (…it’s almost ready…shhh… 😀 ) which lovingly caters to the foot wear needs of the female folk; regardless of how large or tiny their feet may be, we got thinking about all the ladies out there who feel secluded from feet-slayage, due to the size/orientation/dimension of their feet. So after much research and thought processing, we found six (6) wise, shoe-fashion counsels by some respected fashion icons, to help provide guidance to our adorable sisters facing this challenge.

Ready? Let’s do this:

1.  ‘My top tip? Remember, espadrilles are your best friend. As well as being super chic and comfy, cap-toes are really flattering on larger feet.’


Camilla | LTS Creative Director| SHOP ESPADRILLES

2. ‘The 70s are back in a major way. Square toes and chunky heels are on the feet of cool girls everywhere. If you wear a large size, they minimize larger feet, support longer frames, and look incredibly fresh – especially when paired with other 70s staples like jumpsuits. Ta ta, confining pointy toes! It’s now hip to be square.’

Chunk heels

Kacy | The Height Of Style | SHOP CHUNKY HEELS

3. ‘Heels look great on women no matter the size of the shoes or the height of your body, commit this to memory! Also, the same way black clothing can be slimming, all black shoes can make your feet look smaller.’

Black heels

Rajahnique | Tall N Natural | SHOP BLACK HEELS

4. ‘Highlight your feet! My fave tip is to dust shimmering bronzer along the top of my foot. Not only does it slim the foot, it also camouflages any foot imperfections. So highlight those tootsies, don’t hide them!’


Thera | Cloud 14+ | SHOP BRONZER

5. ‘Straps and heels are a large foot’s best friend. Straps break up the width of the foot so I always look for a heel that incorporates at least 3 straps – the more straps the better! Also, the higher the heel, the shorter the foot appears, so don’t be afraid to rock those stilettos!’

Starppy 2

Nadi | The Tall Muse| SHOP STRAPPY

And the last, but certainly not the least:

6. ‘Don’t be afraid to embrace embellishment! Bows, buckles and lacing provide a focal point for the eye to fixate on and make feet appear more petite. And they’re so on-trend right now.’


Jessie | LTS Senior Assistant Footwear Buyer| SHOP EMBELLISHED

We truly hope you found those helpful. Do take some time to explore the tips and don’t forget to drop in your feedback in the comment section of this post or on any of our social media handles – @ChicSoles (Twitter), @chicsoles (Instagram), @Chic-Soles (Facebook).

Later Darl!

Sign Off


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