The Un-Wearables

The Un-Wearables


“Creativity is allowing yourself make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep”, at least Scott Adams says so, and I truly give it to him because I totally agree with that phenomenon. But what I’m still trying to wrap my head around, is whether or not our featured shoes for this week were a mistake whose designers decided to keep for the sake of creative arts or a deliberate move on their part to “damn status-quo”.

Well here’s how it all started:


I got bored and decided to snoop around my favourite shoe destinations to find out what new stuff they had going on. And that “virtual wakadugbe” sure led me to the unexpected.  So I excitedly arrived a certain page and while feeding my eyes with all the astonishing foot wears presented to me, all of a sudden, something popped up. I blinked twice to be sure it wasn’t my screen getting all faulty, only to realise that what I had before me, was a kind of pair of shoes which I had NEVER seen in my entire life!

Puzzled, the next thought floating in my head was: “So if and only if, I decide to buy these shoes, how on earth am I supposed to wear them – from even my bedroom to the living room/kitchen?” It was at that point I thought I’d share, to see if anyone on here could come up with a recommendation of some sort on how anyone could manage five steps in this! 😯


Well I definitely didn’t stop there. I went further to read through the description of these weird shoes and discovered that they’re the “JOURNEY” shoes (yea, like for real. Lol), designed and produced by “Privileged“; a shoe line owned by Jennifer Chou. Now here’s another part of the description I found, which validates my second line of thought, about its designers deliberately making moves to veer off the norm:

“Jennifer Chou delivers spunky, fun and loud silhouettes for the unique and trendy girl. You’ll see a wide variety of geometric shaped heels, vibrant prints and sky scraping stilettos. You’ll have no problem standing out from the crowd in a Jennifer Chou look, turn some heads and strut you stuff….”

Hmmm… Well still drilling deeper, it became apparent to me that Privileged’s shoes take quite a position on the edgy and tasteful part of fashion. Going through their foot wear atelier left a remarkable effect on my perception of all the awesome ways foot wears could be represented, especially considering the “copy-cat” trend going on in the high street fashion industry. Here are just a few of the “Privileged” goodies I spotted:

Shoes by Privileged

Nevertheless, I still consider our featured shoes a risky attempt at fashion innovation. Shockingly though, they’ve been completely sold out on 😳 , except in #NeonOrange color – size 7 (Eur 37-38). Now I’m so tempted to think they were bought just for the fun of having an offbeat piece add some spicy melange to the buyers’ shoe closets 😆 .

Well after much ado, I really do commend Privileged’s attempt at radicalising the flow in the female feet fashion industry. So ermmm… peradventure you have some spare money which you budgeted for the arts this month (heheehee), do enjoy the shop here.

Okay, time for me to step aside with my many laughs….! 😀
Alright darls, comments please!


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