The Nude Confusion

The Nude Confusion

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loubs nude yea!

The “Nude” idea which involves a pretty broad color category, originated from the natural skin tones of individuals of different races; from the darkest brown to the lightest hues. Some years ago, Nude was an infamous color for me; if I even ever knew it to be a color in the first place. But in what I’d call a moment, the Nude color in spite of its subtle characteristic, moved from seemingly nonexistent to top-rack in literally all spheres of fashion du jour: make-up, nail polish, foot-wears, clothing, etc.

Wait…hold on a bit. So when you saw the title of this post and the featured image, what was the first thing that crossed your mind? LMAO. I bet you probably didn’t even notice the Nude shoes on the feet of the bare legs in the image! hehehe

Okay, back to what we were discussing 🙂 .

Pamela Dan DeVos, top American fashion designer famous for her stunning evening wears and red carpet designs, expressed her opinion of Nude. In her words, “Colors are loud. Nudes are a soft whisper — a sexy and elegant whisper” and personally, I think that’s so true. Sometimes we all just need a break from black and conspicuous colored shoes to something mild and natural. Or don’t you think so?

Now looking around these days, everyone’s doing nudes and at each glance I see numerous elegant shades of the same “Nude” color. At some point, honestly, it gets confusing. Sometimes I’d be like “this too is called Nude? hmmm..ok, I see”. LOL. So to save myself the embarrassment of being lost in a color conversation as it relates to fashion, I decided to do some research which helped a lot in getting me pretty acquainted with a large number of the many shades of Nude; from cool to warm.

So why am I doing this post? Well I have a feeling you get confused sometimes too about the Nude thingy, so I thought I’d share some of my clarity on the subject with you; of course using gorgeous shoes as examples! 😉

To begin, first let’s take a look at this table of Nude colors ranging from the whites, to the pinks, the yellows and to the browns, to help you see almost all the shades of Nude at once:

nude colors

Too broad? Okay. Here’s a more simplified one: Basic nude colors you’d mostly come across:


Initially, the Nude color only referred to beige or a pale pinkish or peach color, which of course caused a lot of controversy in the fashion world, as it seemed to be filled with a lot of prejudice. But thanks to the renowned shoe maker extra-ordinaire of all times: Christian Louboutin, who saved the day by creating a shoe collection themed “Les Nudes” in 2013 which featured a range of five shades of beautifully made Nude pumps to blend perfectly with the skin tones of women of different races, of course after the realization that classifications of human skin tones form a whole palette themselves, thus cannot be limited to a single hue.The collection was recently updated to seven shades in 2016, with the aim of meeting the shoe need of almost every woman regardless of her skin tone, especially with the growing demand for self-expressive shoes from women across the world. Wasn’t that so thoughtful of him? 🙂  (Get your fabulous Nude Loubs here, here and here).


Since Christian Louboutin’s bold step in 2013, there’s been a diversification of the definition of the Nude color in shoe fashion, as it has come to the discerning of many, that what qualifies a color to be incorporated into the Nude league isn’t the image which the designer has in his/her mind, but rather the wearer’s skin color. As expected, some other shoe brands followed suit by creating shoes in same and several other shades which can be considered suitable to be referred to as Nude. So we’ll be taking a look at ten shades of stylish and gorgeous Nude foot-wears from these other shoe brands, to help you better identify basic shades of Nude.

Ready? Let’s begin!



Here’s a Chic Sling-back stiletto heel sandal designed by MICAHEL ANTHONIO, a family shoe brand which has been around since the 80s ; catering to fashion-savvy women, and famous for its cutting edge designs and remarkably affordable, fast fashion shoe prices. This here is so pretty: great vamp, especially with the elastic side panels which make it easy to slip on. It’s simple and drips of class all at the same time!

2 .  LILIANA Ocular-Nude Heel


This here is one attractive lace-up gladiator shoe, with an ocular design pattern which sets it apart from similar shoes of its kind. It’s completely unignorable, so be sure to cause a stir at every single place you step with this on!

3 .  STEWART Nude Privileged Sandal


Lace-ups are obviously trending this season! Here’s another fascinating lace up symmetric cut sandal. This is so nifty, I think it should be on the must-have list of every slayer out there. Are you??? 😉

4 . QUPID Xara – Nude Suede PU Sandal


QUPID sure did a good job with this sensational fringe sandal, especially with the gold chain addition on the fringed area which gives it an undeniably sophisticated look. It’s stylish and clearly remarkable.

5 .  MICHAEL ANTHONIO Lamiss – Natural Pat Pump

michael anthonio2

Just like the Italian Caffè Latte, this lustrous piece wasn’t only tastefully crafted, but is also as enticing and desirable. Every girl needs a classic pair of pumps and starting with this Latte Nude by MICHAEL ANTHONIO wouldn’t be a bad idea. Or what do you think? 🙂

6 .  JESSICA SIMPSON Julinda – Nat Ruby Tmbl Lth Sandal


Here’s a simple, yet gorgeous piece from JESSICA SIMPSON’s atelier of beautiful shoes. I’m loving the rose gold detailing from the buckles to the heel; moderate heel indicating extra-comfort and triple buckles to keep your foot fastened real good with no worries; even if it’s a size larger than you!

7 . DOLCE VITA Lunna – Nude Suede DV


As always, flats are ever ready-to-wear multi purpose shoes and this here is one perfect example, especially with it’s color. I looooove the vamp cut and the silver mirrored metal at the tip which gives it off as edgy and right-on-trend! #MeWantingIt hehehe

8 .  JESSICA SIMPSON Maniah – Nude Patent

honey beige heel

Here’s yet another shade of Nude on a glossy gorgeous sandal by JESSICA SIMPSON. I love the spiky studs on the ankle fasteners which are doing a really good job at adding some more glam to this pretty foot-wear. It looks simple, yea, but certainly not one to be missed.

9 . BADGLEY MISCHKA Gayla – Car Silk Heel



Although a lighter shade of the typical dark cocoa, this beautiful peep-toe pump would look just like a skin extension of any cocoa-brown skinned woman. It looks mature and possesses a sort of laid-back elegance which need not make so much noise to be noticed. The silver embellishment at the top is an equivalent of icing on an already delicious chocolate cake! 🙂

10 . LILIANA Gambeson – Nude Pump


LILIANA is bae on this one! First you see just some plane Nude pump, then you look further and see its well thought-out quilted design pattern plus the silver studs detailing to pep up its subtle color, and only one phrase comes to mind: Absolutely Adorable! 🙂

When it comes to cosmetics i.e. make-up,  selecting the right shade of  Nude is usually pretty tasking, ‘cos you need to consider your skin tone, the color of your eyes, etc. It’s a bit similar when it comes to shoes, although the precision isn’t as emphasized ‘cos really, there’s no “perfect” shade of Nude shoes for anyone. Almost any form of Nude color would fit anyone perfectly, depending on what it’s paired with. But this too has to be done carefully so as not to go beyond your color range.

I had so much fun walking you through these beautiful shades of Nude and I hope you did too. 🙂

Please feel free to drop-in your comments or any additional info on Nude colors which you’d like me to know of. I’m so eager to learn more!

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

XoXo ♥♥♥




  • Beautiful shoes and I never dreamed nude could be so complicated…thank you for sharing your wisdom! Love the flats and the quilted heels : ) x
    Great post!

  • Thanks Samantha. I was a bit overwhelmed at first when I began attempting to learn the differences between Nudes, so you’re right when you say complicated! Thanks again for the comment 🙂

  • Hope I’m not a cissy for reading this. Learnt a thing or two, though. Nice work.

  • Lmao! No you’re not. I’m glad you learnt something, which i’m sure you could share with the females or “female” in your life. 😉 Thanks Osagie.


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