The Friday Groove Shoes

The Friday Groove Shoes

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Aha! Here we are again! It’s another Friday!!!


So whatchu gon’ do today? What’s the plan? What’s your unwinding strategy for tonight? Is it staying in and having a huge bowl of ice-cream while watching a 24-episode romantic TV series (alone 😉 ), a mixed-gender slumber party with friends, or have you already laid out your smoky-hawt dress for an incredibly insane party-hopping adventure tonight? Well if you fall within the third category, then you’ve got to pay keen attention to this, ‘cos someone, is about to throw some color-sprinkles on your Friday! And to the other two just as adorable groups of people, don’t worry; this could still come in handy on future Fridays :D.

After a long week of undiluted devotion to your job, you sure deserve to be self-spoiled at the end of the week. Hence in planning your weekend debut, you can’t afford to hold back on any form of self generosity, which includes the intensity of your glow at any venue you decide to turn-up at! So while selecting the perfect pair of shoes for a Friday night out, there are two adjectives around which your choice should evolve:

  1. Comfortable
  2. Alluring

No one wants to go half the night with muscle cramps and blisters, neither does anyone desire to be lost in the crowd after putting in a lot of effort to look good. Bearing all of that in mind, I found two amazing pairs of heels to get your groove on and keep your night going 🙂 .

Don’t peep; LOOK…

  • TESS by Shoedazzle


Have you noticed how lace-up sandals have slightly taken over highstreet shoe fashion? Well I wouldn’t wonder why; with their proven ability to turn even the simplest outfit into an edgy and enviable ensemble. Shoedazzle did right by us to have made this gorgeous piece. 3 things I love about Tess: it’s black (which makes it interchangeable on any color of outfit), it has charming gold eyelets (which add a sort of pop to its color), and apparently has bold crisscross laces which would no doubt keep your feet fastened real good all night long. To grab a pair, please click here .

Now because I’m aware some of us would prefer a louder pop on our feet, especially when a black dress/play suit is what we’ve planned out, I thought I’d show you this beautiful sandal which keeps blowing my mind away again and again at each glance.

  • It’s the EMERIE Sandal by JustFab


According to JustFab, this, has been classified as “the most comfortable night-out shoe ever”, which I totally agree with. It has such a mesmerizing shade of blue, and I’m so in love with its huggy elastic straps and thick, comfortable sole which are just what anyone needs to have an ache-free Friday night. Or don’t you think so?

One other special thing about this shoe, is that it’s selling at ShoeDazzle’s e-boutique for $39.95, for two pairs! Awesome right? Yep! And the only thing you have to do to get it, is simply get a VIP membership at ShoeDazzle, almost free of charge. To get started, click here to find out how the VIP plan works (trust me; it’s amazing), then sign up. But if you’re not interested in the VIP thingy, you can still sign up as a regular member by clicking here.

In all, here, is where the shoe is. So after signing up, you could either search for “emerie”, or simply click this link to get it. 🙂

Okay darlings..Time to go.

I have a feeling someone’s already warming up for tonight :D. Well have fun – You certainly deserve it.

Thanks so much for stopping-by. Please don’t hesitate to drop-in any comments or additions you might have relating to this post.

Have a super-exciting Friday, and an amazing weekend ahead!





  • Yes I’ve noticed these lace up sandals are really popular, some beautiful styles… Have to say I love the blues though! Lol boring Friday night for me though… lying on my bed watching a rubbish horror film! Hope you’re having a fabulous evening, great post! 🙂 *big hugs*

    • Hi Samantha! I’m so so sorry for the late response; getting connected to the internet has been like mining for gold! Lol! And oh i’m glad someone else has noticed the lace up sandals trend too. What I’m about to say is certainly belated, but I’m sorry about your Friday night 🙁 . What’s the title of the movie you watched? Maybe I could recommend a movie for you for next Friday? :D. Thanks a lot for your comment. *gigantic hugs*

      • Hi 🙂
        Lol…the film was awful! It was called “The Clown”…it was quite funny but also a bit screamy in places…don’t really like clowns!
        *BIG hugs!*

        • Lmao! Sowwiiieee… Now I’m curious to see the movie. And I won’t fail to fill you in on my take on it once I do. 🙂

  • I’m a huge fan!? and Emerie wins today!!!???

    • Awwwwn…you did read it! You’re such a darling 🙂 …thanks so much dear.


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