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Whew! Finally the weekend is here again; it’s Friday! Hurray!!!

Now for a working class girl, two thoughts come to mind on a Friday morning:

ONE: Dress-down day! No “corporate” outfits today. I can look really simple and still feel very comfortable!

TWO: So….where’s the “turn-up” spot this evening?

Number ONE actually crossed my mind this morning. I mean.. after four days of being on stilettos and corporate outfits, I sure would gladly take this relief of wearing something less uptight. Or wouldn’t you? Most definitely! LOL

So I came across this beautiful piece which would be a really nice fit for a Friday work footwear:

michael perfect


This is a MICHAEL KORS Jackie Embossed-Leather Sandal, covered with metallic snake-skin material, and embellished with gilded chains on its toe straps. It has moderate-length heels which are very comfy and of course easy to walk on.

Another trip for me about this sandal is its multi- fit feature. It could go with almost any girly outfit you could possibly think of wearing to work on a Friday- a pair of blue/black jeans and a chiffon/satin top, a dress (any length and style), you name it!

It’s simply CHIC!

Now for Number TWO, check this out:


It’s a SOPHIA WEBSTER Riko Sandal, wrapped in bold black suede and white leather, with some woven and zig-zag details at the top. I love that it has some playfulness to it with the black lace and beads at the back.

It’s eye-catching and unique; totally different from regular patterns.

So whether you’re the “bar/lounge” kinda girl, or the “club-hopper”, RIKO would sure keep you at the top of your game all night long. It would certainly add some sweet spice to that mini-dress or jump suit you’ve planned out for your perfect Friday night.

Feel free to drop in your comments below and any ideas you might have about how you would wear yours.

Let’s all have a stress-free and fun-filled Friday!

Go Girls!



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