Shoe Quote of the Week!

Shoe Quote of the Week!

People, including some females, often wonder why some others bother going through the stress of “climbing” on a pair of shoes, when they could easily slip into a pair of just-as-nice flats. Well truth be told: No one ever loves to be stressed; not even in the ityy-bittiest of ways. But how about we see this from an investor’s point of view: The higher the shoes 😉 risk , the higher the reward. This is the part of investing where individuals are urged to step out of their comfort zones in the referred context, and take a leap at a business risk; a calculated business risk.

Now let’s do our own calculation:


In spite of the seemingly bad reputation stamped on high heels; due to the fear of strutting and all of a sudden tumbling in them, some of the most reliable, globally acclaimed health blogs are still very keen at pitching the amazing benefits of wearing them.

Without boring you, here are just a few (actually, the ones I love the most, which I think you’d fancy as well) :

  • Slimmer PhysiqueEach time you put on a pair of high heels, your body shape responds by arching your back, causing your backside to stick out while your chest presses forward. The contrast creates a beautiful illusion of a smaller waist. But before you get all excited, this doesn’t rule out the importance of working out oh! 😛
  • Firmer Leg MusclesDepending on the heel height you choose, your thighs may tighten as you walk. This overtime leads to less fat in the calves and more muscle around that region.
  • Boosts ConfidenceYes, you heard that! No other item on your outfit list possesses the ability to tilt your confidence upward like a pretty pair of high heels. However, let’s also remember that overall, nothing is more important than a healthy self esteem on the inside: Feeling comfortable in your own skin whether in the highest of heels, or in the lowest of flats 🙂 .
  • Heightened Sexual Pleasure 😳 Yes..shhhh… don’t smile except you’re married! Now here’s the gist:

A study conducted by Maria Cerruto, a stiletto fan and urologist at the University of Verona in Italy, which involved measuring electrical activity in the pelvic muscles of 66 women under 50, showed that those who positioned their feet at the equivalent of a two- and-three-quarter inch heel showed up to 15 per cent less electrical activity in their pelvic muscles; in other words, had stronger pelvic muscles, which has long been attributed to heightened sexual pleasure. So if you want…. you know * clears throat *, now you know what to do.. Uhn-hun! 😛

And the craziest of all the advantages of wearing high heels I found, is this one from Cosmopolitan 😎

  • Steaming AllureSo according to a research briefly documented on, guys are more easily attracted to women dressed in heels, than those in flats! It’s more like the higher the heels, the more notoriously sexy and appealing the lady appears in their eyes. But to nail this, one also needs to master the art of striding. So you remember that jelly-shaky walk in heels, which ends up leaving you feeling so embarrassed in public? Yea that, would rain on this particular parade if heel-walk isn’t deliberately mastered.

Heels have an amazing capacity to uplift your outfit from point 5 to a mesmerising 101, literally taking your outfit mainstream! However darl, in spite of all the appealing things listed above, there’s really no hurry. You could begin with the kitten heels if heels aren’t really your thing at the moment, then gradually upgrade to higher heel heights within target periods; say every quarter.

Sample Kitten Heel


Summary: Love it or not, Christian Louboutin: Le Cordonnier Extra-ordinaire, was absolutely right when he said:

” A woman carries her clothes, but the shoe carries the woman.”

However, please still keep a pair of flats safely tucked in your purse; just in case the calf torture becomes too much to bear 😉

Thanks for the read ladies!

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