Shoe Predictions 2021 – 3 Nigerian shoe brands to look out for!

Shoe Predictions 2021 – 3 Nigerian shoe brands to look out for!

Speaking about style, authenticity and nativity, here goes our top three (3) most admired Nigerian shoe brands which are definitely worth looking out for this year!

So before we present you this rather formidable list, here are three (3) reasons why we’ve been tripping all over them lately.

  1. Modernity and youthfulness – The energy which these brands exude from their choice of designs could have only been drawn from exposure to fashion evolution and the dynamism which youthfulness encapsulates.
  2. Simplicity – You know that trending phrase about how “less is more”? That’s exactly what these brands depict. Moderate drama, yet stylish and distinct.
  3. Authenticity & creativity – Whenever deep thought is applied, creativity and authenticity become inevitable. Despite their attempt to remain on current fashion trends to meet market demands, these brands seem to have nonetheless dipped into their inner artistry and have emerged with distinct pieces, straight outta Naija!

Now back to our three (3) show-stoppers.

We present to you:

1. LucyDaves

LucyDaves is a Nigeria-based shoe brand, founded in the year 2016. Since its emergence, LucyDaves has continuously left trails of creativity along the corridors of the Nigerian shoe fashion industry. The brand began by producing flat slippers and sandals and has further expanded its product range by including low/moderate-heeled mules. A closer look at the brand reveals the tenacity with which it is driven, leaving us no other choice but to envisage the great heights its team would attain in the coming years.

While taking a look at the LucyDaves shoe gallery, we stumbled upon an adorable piece which we would love you to see!

You love it, don’t you? 😀

Where to improve: A little touch-up on their finishing, as well as some diversification into high heel sandals and corporate shoes would be great!

To shop some of LucyDaves’ fabulous pieces, please follow their Instagram handle HERE and drop a DM.

Now next on our list is no other than:

2. Keexs

Before we say another word, let’s show you what the brand’s logo looks like.

Now that look on your face was the exact one we had on! It’s a knuckle, as in “chop knuckle” as we would say here in Nigeria! Every single time I see a post from Keexs, I develop a unique set of goose-bumps and here’s why.

This unisex shoe brand kicked off in 2015 by a KICKSTARTER campaign and was subsequently awarded a $5,000 business grant after completing the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program. Unlike many, the funds were dutifully utilized to expand and improve the quality of shoes the company produced. And as time went by – shoe after shoe, it became obvious that The Keexs Tribe (as they love to be called) was fast becoming a phenomenon in the African shoe fashion industry.

Having already carved a niche for themselves by focusing on the production of sneakers, they continued to evolve, innovate and turn every stone of creativity that crossed their minds. Right now, Keexs has become a formidable force on the runways of African fashion, exuding so much youthfulness and optimism in its irresistible choices of design – for male and female alike.

To give you an idea of what we mean, take a quick look at this bespoke and artistic piece which the team gifted Tony Elumelu.

I know, I know pretty – my mind was blown too! :O

Where to improve?

Give us ladies some Wedge Sneakers, please! Yes, we love the flats, but c’mon, an extra lift will do no harm 😉 .

Want some Keexs? You can visit their online store HERE, or simply follow the brand on Instagram HERE and send a DM!

Now the last but apparently nothing like the least is:

3. LilMissFab

The name alone makes me wanna step! 😀

Quite honestly, I had struggled for a very long time with believing that a certain quality of shoes could be made in Nigeria. Not because it was humanly impossible, but several obvious factors had got me really doubting. However, I coincidentally stumbled upon this brand at a time when I was willing to let go of my doubts and embrace the possibilities.

Now on my first encounter with LilMissFabhere was what I found:

My first reaction when I saw these was to recheck to see if they were retailers of western brands or producers themselves. And voila, it was the latter! Imagine how shocked I was to discover that the gorgeous piece above was made in my very own Nigeria!

Check out their croc skin Diva Heels!

I love the fact that this brand caters to the needs of career-driven females across the country, and also produces heels up to size 44! Their quality continues to be note-worthy and their styles have remained classic.

Where to improve?

Incorporation of some everyday shoes would be great. Some of our recommendations include dress sandals and mules.

Finding these three (3) shoe brands helped shift our paradigm at ChicSoles, as we resolved to not only retail famous western brands; who by the way have already made a name for themselves globally but to also partner with and push forward emerging African shoe brands who cater to the endless footwear needs of women across the continent.

Do you know any other Africa-based shoe brands you would like us to feature – Nigerian or not? Please drop their name(s) in the comment section and we’ll reach out to them.

Thank you so much for the read.

Have a fabulous week ahead!


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