Shoe Care Mode ACTIVATED

Shoe Care Mode ACTIVATED

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After a busy week at work, Saturday is usually the perfect day to clean up: do your laundry, tidy up your apartment, and most especially, dust your shoes and lay them meticulously in your closet!

While going through this routine this previous Saturday, I had a quick reflection which dampened my mood a bit: I remembered some pretty shoes which i once had and held dearly to my heart but had to do away with because they got damaged.

How many times have you had to let go of your once gorgeous shoes either ‘cos the tip of their heels got scuffed on sidewalks, or the heels got broken ‘cos you lost your balance while walking on an unleveled road, or they got ruined by repeated impromptu rainfalls? I’m pretty sure 4 in 5 girls have had this heart-breaking experience as I have.

Truth is, the more beautiful a shoe is, the longer you would like to have it for; regardless of the price you got it. Even if you can afford to buy another, what are the chances of you finding the exact same shoe or even a close replacement?

Well this line of thoughts got me doing some research, and I came across some really good Shoe Care Products which would help increase the durability of our shoes!

Let’s take a quick look at them.


Amongst other of its Shoe Care products, SOLEMATES produces high heel protector caps to help prevent heels from sinking into lawns or having direct contact with rough surfaces which could lead to chipped and uneven heel tips. I like that they are very balanced, adding even more comfort to shoes than when without them.


Solemates leatherprotector.1

From its HIGH HEELER(protector caps -$10), to its LEATHER PROTECTOR($10) which helps prevent leather shoe materials from shrinking in harsh weather conditions, SOLEMATES is definitely ready for and on top of the “shoe rescue” mission!

To get any of the above listed products, click here.

Next is:


CLICKLESS Heel Protectors are simple and discreet non-adhesive caps which not only protect and prolong the life of your heels, but also help in minimizing that annoying clicking noise heels make on marble floors and other smooth surfaces.


Although CLICKLESS costs $2.95 more than SOLEMATES Heel Protectors ($12.95), I prefer them ‘cos they look just like normal heel tips, making them unnoticeable when used. I also like that they are available in basic heel tip colors: black, neutral, and dark brown.

CLICKLESS Heel Protectors seem really good, but i noticed they fit mostly slim heels and stilettos, thus might be more limiting in heel sizes compared with SOLEMATES.

To get this product, click here.

The last, but certainly not the least Shoe Care product I have for you today is:


Do you remember those times you were walking in your favorite heels/flats and it started raining all of a sudden? How you ran for shoe-safety like your life depended on it? I clearly remember me doing that! LOL

Well good news ladies! You can put a stop to that recurring episode! LIQUIPROOF has been tested and proven to prevent liquid from penetrating shoe materials and causing damage to them. It works to create an invisible protective barrier that renders water and oil unable to touch the fibres of the material, keeping your shoe safe from any form of liquid at all!


It comes in different components for different types of absorbent shoe materials – suede, snake skin, satin, etc. One other great feature of LIQUIPROOF is that it’s environmental friendly. Its formula is an eco-friendly non-aerosol system that’s non-toxic and non-flammable. So asides your shoes being safe, your health is too.

To get one of these, click here.

I truly wish I had found these earlier, but it’s better late than never, right?

At least now I can rock my heels without being super-conscious of the ground! With these, my shoes will last longer and of course, I get to save money too! smiles

Are there other good Shoe Care products you would like to share with me? Please feel free to mention in the comments section.

Have a great day!


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