Self Isolation: Beyond eating and sleeping, here’s one more thing you can do!

Self Isolation: Beyond eating and sleeping, here’s one more thing you can do!

It was 2:42am on the 31st day of March 2020: Three (3) hours after the Lagos State COVID-19 lockdown began. And for some unknown reason, I was unable to sleep.

Tossing. Turning. Lights out. Lights on. Late snack…yet, no sleep.

What could’ve been so strongly on my mind, enough to cost me a well deserved night rest? I finally figured it out: ChicSoles: How far we’ve come and what lies ahead.

Let me give you a background to the origin of ChicSoles.

In mid-March 2016, I developed a deep-longing to do and become more than I was. I looked within to see what God had placed in my hands, and there it was: My writing skills. And on one of those days, I woke up and was convinced; of course after quite some pondering, that it was time to begin a blog! Quite frankly, I wasn’t so sure what to write about. Well I knew I loved fashion, but at the time, I couldn’t dare compete at fashion blogging with some of my well-admired bloggers, who seemed to have a closet full of the latest, trendy outfits to showcase. After calculating over and again and realizing how even my entire salary at the time couldn’t have done much in helping to achieve such feat, I decided to look deeper for an area of specialisation which truly appealed to me but was less cost-intensive. And as soon as I did, Voila! I found SHOES! And that was how our journey began.

Point to note: ChicSoles was just a blog. No online store, no retail arm, just a 23-year old girl who was eager to channel her writing skills through a platform where it could be be seen and perhaps, add value to the lives of regular people. And as each post was published, so did our readership grow and so did my dreams!

Today, though we are still on this exciting journey to the global stage, we can call ourselves (ChicSoles), a profitable venture.

Now where am I going with all of this?

In my years of existence and living, I have seen dreams crushed, faith dampened, minds shattered, potentials stolen and lives ended, all with a single cause: The lack of drive to move beyond our fears.

You see, prior to the ChicSoles blog, I wasn’t one to categorise myself as being “smart” or possessing any “special” skill (with many legit reasons to back that feeling up). To me, I was just another young, Ibo girl, who God had shown mercy and favour enough to hold a job in a big city. That was about it.

But the moment I took up my baton and began to run with the ChicSoles dream, that mere dream grew into a vision and from vision, into purpose.  And with each research and write-up I did, a fire was kindled. And daily, weekly, monthly, it grew…

ChicSoles and even I, Sochi, are still a work in progress. Speaking of the brand as a person, I would say we both are on a progressive journey to self discovery. As we push, our potentials keep unraveling, like proverbial onion peels.

So I urge you darling, to begin to look beyond your inadequacies and those nasty definitions which your surroundings have tagged you with. You, yes YOU, are an endless field of potentials, waiting to be found and mined. But guess what? No one else will find you until you find you.

And what better time is there to do some introspection, self-evaluation and re-strategizing other than these 2 weeks of self-isolation! I honestly consider these 2 weeks a gift in disguise, for the hibernation and re-birthing of the world-transformers of our generation!

To help you through this process, here’s a short guide that works:

1. Get a small journal – maybe one of those wedding souvenir diaries you’ve been piling 😉 .

2. Identify one area of your life you would like to take stock of. This could be regarding your spiritual growth, business, career, relationships, finances, etc. depending on what area has been a burden in your heart.

3. For that identified area, make a list of mistakes made over the past 5-years minimum, and lessons learned. This could be beautifully done in a tabular form.

4. On the same table, add an extra column for corrective steps to take per lesson learned. Now let’s keep this as real as possible. You know yourself, so don’t try to impress you. Focus on feasible actions that would produce measurable results. This could include taking off certain people from your contact list, immediately setting a monthly standing instruction using your Bank Mobile App for a one-year period to an investment account, etc.

It’s time hun. It’s right about time: To drop off those past failures, hurt, excuses, etc. and dust-off your skirt to take that leap of faith you’ve been afraid of. If it’s a Youtube Channel you’ve always wanted to start, then yes please, jump right in; even if you use an android phone with poor camera pixels. Just start from where you are and growth will meet you along the way. Then in the next 4-5 years, you’ll be writing an article like this one to uplift someone who’ll be standing right in your present shoes.

Thanks a lot for the read, and I hope and trust that you’ll re-read this article, allow it sink in, and TAKE ACTION!

Please don’t forget to like, drop your comments and share on your social media pages. You just never know who might need this 🙂 .

Have an awesome week!



  • Timely and impactful article.
    Thanks Chicsoles team.

    I love Chicsoles??

    • Thanks Amaka! We’re so glad you were impacted by this post. May all your dreams come true!!!

  • Wow……this is deep.
    Thank you Chicsoles for sharing this beautiful journey that is still on, its been impactful.
    God bless you and prosper your this venture.

    Bunmi Esther
    • Thank you so much for the beautiful comment. We say a big amen to that prayer!


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