Sales Alert!

Sales Alert!

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From High Street to High End, several top shoe designers are offering amazing shoe deals this summer. Lots of staple-chic suede, nubuck, leather, patent, satin and denim stilettos, block heels, ballerina flats, ankle boots, platform wedges, flat sandals, d’Orsay pumps and literally all sorts of shoes are available at almost giveaway prices compared with their previous original prices! Awesome isn’t it? :). So we get to have so much more (in quality, quantity and style) for way less (less money and less wish-haves ūüôā ) !

Let’s get to it already!

WHO and WHO is on sale this season??!!


Amongst many other beautiful shoes, here’s a¬†particular one that tickled my fancy on Charlotte Russe’s sale rack:


It’s a Cognac Brown Stiletto Huarache Sandal. All I’m thinking right now is “what top do I pair this and my pencil blue jeans with?” ūüėČ . Interested too? Check here¬†to get it. And for more of Charlotte Russe’s super-gorge’ footwears on sale, click¬†here.

Now on to the next one.

2 . ZARA

Aha! Zara the already very affordable shoe brand is on sale and you know what that means? Sounds like a total giveaway to meee! Check this one I picked out from their sale closet:


It’s a sophisticated pair of¬†nude embossed boy-cut leather flats, with carefully knotted tassels on top. Think of that black or navy blue three-quarter work pant hung up in your wardrobe¬†and smile ‘cos you’ve just found the perfect work shoes for it! Click here to get it, and double or triple click here for more Zara footwears¬†on sale. Hurry! And oh, please click just once; a click would suffice ūüôā



NL white

As white as an angel, as simple as a dove! Here’s one lovable piece from New Look’s piles of tasty shoes on sale! If there were a rating list or better still some check-box to show my validation¬†of these sandals, I’d probably need to draw up more boxes for more ticks ‘cos these are so on fleek! And if you’re getting married soon and are searching for wedding shoes, ding dong! You just got lucky babe! Click here to get these, and rush¬†here to get more exciting shoes on sale¬†by¬†New Look.

Keep going!


Okay! Fashion just got more colorful on here! Check this ravishing piece I found on Nine West’s sale rack!

nw yellow

Ever been speechless? Well that’s exactly how I feel! This is just so chic and so glam. Perfect for dresses, tops+pants, jump/play suits, shorts, ummm… what else do we ladies wear? Well I think that’s about it. But yes, it would fit excellently with any feminine¬†outfit you could possibly imagine. Me so likeee! Ready to shop? Then get it here, and click here for more from Nine West.

Next is…

5 . ALDO


If your style needs some overhaul, then this is a good place to start; ‘cos its rainbow color would always give you hope, reminding you that you¬†can only get better at this fashion thingy if you keep at trying long enough (which involves observation, attempts, failures of course, more attempts,¬†asking questions, and then…you become a fashion icon!)¬†. Honestly, that works ūüôā . Ready? Click here to get it, and click here to access the full ALDO shoe sale collection.

And next…..



You see, when I say Steve Madden is on my list of Top 5 to-go-for- shoe designers, I know exactly what I’m talking about! Look what he did here with this mixed-print sandal initially Mono Black&White, before he went ahead to¬†spice it up with the coral blue straps. This is so creative and vogue! Get it here and with¬†your beautifully manicured finger, click here too for more gorgeous sale pieces from my dude: Steve Madden!


Guess what? I came across an old Michael Kors friend and I’m gonna show you!

michael perfect

Who remembers Jackie? Jackie the Gold Embossed Leather sandal which I did a review post on sometime in May? Well while looking through¬†Michael Kors’¬†sale department, I stumbled upon it¬†and realized it’s on sale too, as its¬†price has been slashed by nearly half! So no need for much talk: read about it¬†here, click here to buy it, and also click here for more shoes on sale by MK. ūüėČ

Almost done. Keep going!


Talk about corporate slay!


This is some elegant strappy pointy toe stiletto pump, with a lush undertone to it. It’s tasteful and classy, would be perfect for¬†corporate drapes and some forms of casual mixtures as well. I’m so into this! Click here for a pair, and check here for more shoe sale items¬†from Qupid.

Now just in case you’re interested in some really high end stuff, there’s sale going on in these corners too:

Quick Exclusives


Before: $745.00  Now: $372.00

  • Giuseppe Zanotti –¬†LESLEY


Before: $795.00  Now: $397.50


Before: $695.00  Now: $347.00


Before: $595.00  Now: $297.00

End of list. I’ll still be on the look out for more juicy shoe deals and of course¬†you’ll be the first to know once I’ve got any info.

Now it’s time to make a move ladies. Click on the links and have a fun-filled shopping spree!

On y va!  run

N.B. – If you’re aware of any other shoe brands currently on sale, please let us know in the comments section.¬†Thanks! ūüôā






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