Ruffles + a lil more!

Ruffles + a lil more!


Hello hello!

How’s it going beautiful? And the holidays? Mine was so relaxing, I resumed work feeling super energized, enough to split an iceberg into two with my bare hands! ( ROTFL – If I hear!)

The Christmas break was so full of activities, I couldn’t catch my breath enough to surf the web for what the latest “in” thing was at the time. I knew I had a lot of catching up to do, so as soon as I hit Lagos, I went straight for a dive on the blogs and vlogs of my favourite Fashionista’s alike and here, is what I emerged with:


Now just in case you’re wondering , this is Alma: the Diva next door keeping Instagram (@thestylecheapskate) on the lockdown with her fantastic style taste, which she unveils with such precision only an in-born fashionista could bring on. The most astonishing part of the pieces she showcases, is that they’re pretty, yet quite pocket-friendly. She didn’t forget to reiterate in her bio: “I believe you don’t have to break the bank to look good” and so far, she’s done a great job. Thumbs up baby gurl!Thumbs up

With this in perspective, I got thinking for a bit: So yea, she sure did slay in this ensemble, but could there be other more fabulous mixes to this? Maybe some extra splash of glam on her feet??? Well, with my thoughts running wild, off I zapped to some of my most preferred shoe stores in search of style bursting foot wears to step the outfit right up. And yea babe, I sure did find some 💡 .

To cut down on the list, I selected what I’d call The Perfect Three. Ready to see? There you go!

#Style 1:

Mesh Lace-Up Peep Toe Booties – By Charlotte Russe

One 1

The color “Black” is the most versatile color ever, especially when it comes to foot wears. It sits perfectly with any color at all and when in a design as steaming HOT as this, there’s absolutely no way you’re leaving that event without making such a remarkable statement! I can already envisage the fierce flavour which the pair would add to Alma’s girly piece, and I’m so loving what I see in my mind’s eyes. So don’t dull now cutie. Snag a pair for yourself for just NGN8,000 here (exclusive of shipping fee).

Next appearance is by the prestigious brand, ALDO. Here’s what they’ve got.

#Style 2 

The Arnauds dress sandal

ALDO Arnauds 2 - Yellow

Hey relax….. Who says a monochrome burst is inappropriate on a plain grey dress? Style in recent times has gone beyond the norm of a+b, to something like 1a+b+c(x+y)ish…. LMAO! But you get what I mean right? So let’s rock this seasoned pair of shoe goodness by heading straight here to grab a pair, for a Sale price of approximately NGN8,500      exclusive of shipping fee. Awesome ain’t it? 😎

P.S – Very limited stock available 😉

Finalement, as the French would say, I’ve saved you the best (in my opinion), for the last. So, shall we?

#Style 3



RIGHT! In the same beat as yours did my heart also leap for joy when I saw this. Pure ecstasy, is the feeling I envisage once I slip my feet into this stunning piece of sleekness!
Some bright splash of colour would sure do Alma’s dress some good, or don’t you think so? This pair by KimK’s ShoeDazzle brand goes for….. $9.99 (NGN3,600), with a clause of course 😀 . Wondering what the “clause” is? Check it out here!


Yea… I know I said three, but c’mon… Can’t a girl yield to a last minute inspiration? 😀

So truth be told ladies: We all don’t get the “heels” vibe everyday of the week. I mean… wearing them sure does take some effort! So on days when all I would want is to literally keep it on the low in Alma’s pretty ruffle sleeves dress, I would undoubtedly opt for this:

LUICHINY - Ches Ley - Zebra Fabric

It’s the Ches Ley Zebra sandal by LUICHINY, and this here, is a perfect proof that flats could also be just as fab as the highest of heels 🙂 . You feeling this like I am? Then click here to own a pair for a discounted sum of NGN9,000 (the undiscounted cost was $84.99 – NGN21,600 higher than the Sale price). Cool deal, yea?

To read Alma’s blog post on her outfit, where she mentioned the source of her pretty ruffle sleeves dress and cute neck piece, click here.

But chill, you know you don’t have to totally agree with me on this, right? So swarm in your thoughts and let’s get talking on other style options for Alma’s already lovely outfit, which we could try out sometime.

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  • Lovely read. So much enthusiasm. And very colourful shoes too. I like the yellow pair alot. Pink is my favorite but I run away from it these days as it has become an obsession.

    Bukola Savage
    • Thanks Bukky! I love the monochrome too, although I doubt if i could ever escape my love for pink. 🙂 . Thanks for the comment dear!


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