ROGER VIVIER Chips Strass Ballerina in Silk

ROGER VIVIER Chips Strass Ballerina in Silk

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Just the other day, some fashion-loving friends of mine were asking if I feature just high heels on my blog. So girls, this is your answer! LOL

This here is a ROGER VIVIER Sapphire-Blue Ballerina Flat, although designed by Bruno Frisoni.

So let’s go down history lane for a bit: ROGER VIVIER was a bourgeoisie french fashion designer who specialized in shoes until 1998 when he passed on. And guess what? He is the father of our beloved Stiletto heels, which were  first designed by him in 1954. Inspite of his death, his brand name still lives, and his shoes are presently being designed by Bruno Frisoni, a french fashion designer with a taste for haute-fantasy designs, who has over the years collaborated with the chic houses of Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent.

This pretty shoe clothed in thread-dyed silk with precious crystal-encrusted chips buckle and leather outsole looks and most certainly feels really comfy, and would suit almost any sort of outing, day or night.

Crazy-Hot is the word to describe how you would look on this shoe with a black bodycon dress (on or a bit above your knees), worn with silver accessories. aaaarrrrghhh. It just gives you this effortless sprinkle of class!

Vive Vivier! (long live Vivier)

Welcome home Fashion-Sistas!







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