Price CRASH – From $1,200 to $14.95!

Price CRASH – From $1,200 to $14.95!


Hey there! Happy New Year’s 2nd Month !

Okay I know that sounded sort of weird, but I couldn’t dare say “Happy New Year” since it’s February already and you’ve probably been wondering, “what’s up with Chic-Soles”? Well… mentioned in my end of year post for 2016 , Chic-Soles is transitioning into an **** (it’s supposed to be a surprise 😀 ), and as a result, we’ve been focusing a lot on our Social Media presence to boost publicity. So before I go on, please endeavor to follow us @ChicSoles on Twitter, and @chicsoles on Facebook. Don’t worry: Be rest assured that once we’ve got our game right where we need it to be, you’ll be the first to know 🙂 .

Now to what I’ve got for you today. This news was just too juicy Twitter couldn’t contain it, and of course the blog was the best option for where to spill it!

Are you familiar with the famous t-strap pointy toe rock-stud pumps which have been all over the fashion universe for a couple of years now? DID YOU KNOW, that it was originally created by the elite line – VALENTINO? Okay, you didn’t. Good.


The VALENTINO shoe line was created by Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani, an Italian fashion designer born 11 May 1931, whose undying love and interest in fashion can be traced as far back as his primary school years in Northern Italy.

His Rock-Stud pumps first came into the fashion scene in 2010, but began sweeping more vigorously across the run and walk ways of some of our favourite Hollywood celebrities in 2013. Of course everyone loved and wanted to get a feel of it, but by the time inquiries were made, it was discovered that the much-adored pumps went for a whooping $1,200, which automatically created an aura of eliteness around them 🙁 … giving only a limited few the ability to transition from mere admiration to actual ownership of the very desirable shoes.


L-R: Emma Stone, Kris Jenner, Olivia Palermo, Sofia Vergara

Now fast forward to 2017 …. Although we see that its price as at today has dropped to $995 in a couple of stores, we found something quite interesting, as usual!

Yes, you guessed right; ALTERNATIVES! So apparently, as we often see in the world of Feet Fashion, various shoe brands have been successful at making more cost-friendly versions of the rock-stud pumps i.e. BCBGeneration ($119), Billini ($99.95), Sole Society ($69.95), Royou Yiuoer ($50.98), J. Renee ($44.99), and a couple of others. However, none of them seem to have beaten our latest discovery on GoJane!

GoJane’s come in three different fabric types and FOUR Colors. Check them out below.

N.B – All links are clickable, to enable you shop for the shoes. And for all our Subscribers within Lagos, Nigeria who would prefer a direct purchase from Chic-Soles, leave a comment beneath the post indicating interest, or send an email to, and we’ll get right back to you.


gojane-blueAnd if glossy is more your thing, check out this burst of red!


The price difference between VALENTINO’s and these, is absolutely astonishing! But like I always say, this post isn’t intended in anyway to belittle what the VALENTINO Shoe Brand stands for (I mean…give me a pair for valentine and see if I refuse..lmao!), but considering how unequal all of our fingers are, I’m of the opinion that everyone deserves to look glam; regardless of  what social class they fall under – high, average or low.

Alright ladies, enough said already. Go nail that edgy look with GoJane’s T-strap Rock-Stud Pointy Toe Pumps. And don’t forget to share this post with all your friends to tag them in on this glam parade!

Have a fantastic week ahead!



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