Prettiest VS Quirkiest of Runway Shoes from London Fashion Week Spring ’17

Prettiest VS Quirkiest of Runway Shoes from London Fashion Week Spring ’17

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After creating a buzz for so long, the London Fashion Week finally swung open its doors from Friday the 16th of September till Monday the 20th of the same month, with Glitteratis flocking in to have the week of their lives, and no doubt; expectations although very high, were absolutely met. With designers not relenting to unleash their creative wits, the fashion-forward event was full of exhilarating catwalks featuring an almost unending list of art directed ultra-luxe pieces that made some really bold and beautiful fashion statements, giving us a fresh footwear perspective for Spring ’17.

And just as I and some fashion-crazy friends of mine anticipated, there were cascades of exotic shoes hitting the runways with the unveiling of each new collection. Up came the gorgeous, the retro, the weird, the sensational, the ridiculously chic, the awkward, the fabulous and the ugly-pretty lmao! It would take some major guts to pull-off quite a number of these shoes. Trust me, when you see some of them soon, you’ll understand what I mean. Well after looking through the various collections with keen interest and of course getting myself cracked up by some of the ridiculous ones, I grouped all of them into two: The Pretties and The Quirkies. Right below are slideshows of those I consider the Prettiests and the Quirkiests of them all. Enjoy the view and let me know what you think!




The London Fashion Week is over, but its effect is still loudly resounding all over the globe and doesn’t seem to me like it would be fading off anytime soon. By the way, news just got in about something extra going down this weekend for the hyper-fashionistas: It’s the London Fashion Week-end! So get prepared for more catwalks and talks by top-notch fashion designers from today (22nd September) till Sunday the 25th when the event would come to a close. Venue is , London. Check here for more info on tickets and all. But just in case you’ll be unable to make it, you could follow  on twitter for daily updates.

Now don’t get exhausted yet ‘cos the Milan Fashion Week just started yesterday (the 21st of September) and would be on till the 27th of this month, which is the exact same day when the Paris Fashion Week will commence! Aaaargghhhh….. so much coming up in a very short time. And considering the intensity with which fashion designers are crossing conventional imaginative borders, who knows what to expect in the upcoming Fashion Weeks? Well, can’t wait to see!

For tips on 6 things to Eat, See, and Shop during the Milan Fashion Week, click here.

Thanks as always for reading and don’t forget to leave your thoughts on any of the shoes which caught your attention.

Have a fun-filled weekend!

mmwaa! 🙂



  • Hi, sorry for my late reply, my phone decided it wouldn’t load JavaScript…

    FABULOUS post! Some real beauties, love the Aquascutum range this year and it’s also nice to see some really good fashionable flats for a change. There are some strange ones though…! Those thigh high lacy things would drive me mad! I forget which designer it was, but did you see the fashionable Crocs…?

    Great post, thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂 x

    • Yup yup! The Crocs by Christopher Kane; yea I saw them. They are among the quirky ones. Pretty creative, but I have my reservations about them: Definitely not for me! Lol! Thanks so much for your comment. Have a lovely week ahead! *big hug* 🙂


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