More Shoes For Less

More Shoes For Less

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It’s been such a hectic week at work; responsibilities tugging at my attention and wearing me out, leaving me with so little time to do my own personal stuff, which of course includes searching out and filling you in on the best of all the must-have shoes this season. Well, because i love shoes and also because “you” are always on my mind love eyes, i squeezed out some time in the midst of my “busy-ness” to put together this very important post.

The economies of many nations all over the world are currently experiencing a down-slide, and various financial policies are being implemented to salvage the situation. In effect, the circulation of financial resources amongst citizens has dropped drastically. In this state of economic decline, PRUDENCE is the key word. Cutting costs while still maintaining quality is what everyone is out for these days, whether it involves edible or wearable items.

Fashionistas in these nations are pretty worried, as the cost of clothing and shoes are sky-rocketing daily, making it quite difficult to count those hard earned currencies to pay for even the shoes they love. You can imagine when a pair of shoes which costed $35 last week now costs up to $50 in just a space of 5 days! It leaves me utterly speechless sad face. Seeing gorgeous pairs of shoes and reading their brand names isn’t sufficient. What we all want is to experience the fulfillment and satisfaction of having them on our feet.

So with all of these in mind while shoe-searching, I discovered some really pretty and good quality High Street shoes which are very affordable and easily accessible too.

Let’s look through them.

  1. Mad Splatter (Navy) Denim Pumps

Go jane denim pumps

Price: $10.95

2. Front Lace Up Heels

Go jane blue put up2

Price: $12.95

3. Millie Cut-Out Snake Print Platform Heel

Boohoo snake print

Price: $22.00

4. All’s Fair In Fashion Faux Suede Heels

go jane all's fair

Price: $23.40

5. Good Times Printed Tri-Strap Heels

go jane good times

Price: $25.40

6. Style Upgrade Cut-Out Heels

go jane beige

Price: $29.90

7. Three Love Fuchsia Suede Dress Sandals


Price: $32.00

  1. High Tempo Faux Leather Cut-Out Heels

Go jane brown3

Price: $32.20

9. Caged Over Faux Suede Heels

Go jane red cahe pump

Price: $32.50

10.Rock Out Studded Faux Nubuck Heels (designer inspired)Go jane black2

Price: $33.30

From beautifully colored sandals to adorable pumps, these foot wears would go all the way to wherever you please. With these, you can still look stunning without having to spend so much. I mean… what could be better?! grinning

So if you would like to know where to get any of these lovely low-cost foot candies, simply let me know in the comments section and i’ll give you the info you need.

running Off to get mine! 😉

Bonne Journée!


  • Love the first pair featured-really quirky and fun!

  • Right?! With the color splatter and all that.. quirky is just the perfect word 🙂


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