MONO Black and White Fashion

MONO Black and White Fashion

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The Black and White (B&W) Monochrome fashion trend is a classic and timeless cosmopolitan theme which has been hitting it from way back in the 60s till date.

Separately, black and white have their individual connotations: White often representing purity/innocence/light, and black representing sadness/darkness/evil.  But together, the duo create a cool & mesmerizing layout, regardless of what pattern it comes in: zig-zag, houndstooth, stripes, circles, you name it!

Decade after decade, the B&W Mode has evolved and remains just as appealing as ever, as designers keep adding more modern makeovers and twists to the monochrome ensemble. One of its solid perks is that there are neither rules nor restrictions to it. It generates endless combinations and style alterations, ready to wear anyday, anytime. You could go all Mono or decide to mix it up a bit with a touch of color, but however you choose to style yours, not even an inch of fabulousness would be lost from it.

So how ’bout we all add some monochrome touch to our shoe closets this summer? 🙂

Let me share some of the best Black & White Mono shoe buys available in stores right now with you:

  • GX by GWEN STEFANI Axton-Black Com Pump

GX by Gwen Stefani

With its quirky yet gorgeous prints, this would be a good pick to start out your Mono shopping! Looking for a bit of color too? Well there you have it with the pink sole 🙂 . Like it? Check here to buy.

  • PARIS HILTON Amina Sandal
    Paris Hilton

Gingham checkered prints always have a sort of “junior” look, which makes its wearers seem younger than they actually are. In few words, this here is simply cute, girly and comfy. I’m so loving it! Get it here.

  • PROENZA SCHOULER Woven Monochrome Sandal


It’s neatly woven, sophisticated, chic and suitable for various sorts of outfits; both casuals and heavy dress-ups. You want “the look”? Click here to get it.

  • MISS KG Electra Suedette Sandals

Miss KG
This here is a more subtle Black & White monochrome sandal, as the black top dominates the Mono sides. I love the cut of this sandal from the suede vamp to the double braided ankle straps. Absolutely beautiful! Want it? Check here

  • LIPSTIK Nano Sandals


If block heels are your thing, then don’t let this lace-up sandal slip past you! It’s available here for purchase.

  • LULUS Grid Strides Pointed Pumps


There’s something about the grid pattern of this gorgeous pump that’s totally got me! How the toe cap has a white background and the heel cap black is so distinct, especially with the net vamp addition. This is so elegant and stylish. Check here to get a pair for yourself.

  • SOLE SOCIETY ‘Jenn’ Pointy Toe Pump

Sole society
Stripes are one fashion trend (in clothing and footwear) that has been around for so long and doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon! This here is a perfect fit for anyone who can’t stand post high-heel leg cramps. The baby heels are so comfy and its d’orsay cut gives it a bit of an edge over the regular baby-heel pump style. Like it? Then click here.

Now over to Flats!

  • LILYBEE Black Bow Flat


And here’s another Black & White striped shoe, but this time with bolder and more pronounced stripes. Simple. Beautiful. All-day wear. Click here to get it.

  • JESSICA SIMPSON Maine Zebra Flats

Jessica Simpson

Who loves Zebras?!! Not sure if I do, but I certainly love their prints 🙂 . Here’s a ballet flat covered in zebra fur, with some sleek sea-green addition at the tip which adds a pop of color to the already nice-looking shoe. Love it? Then click here.

  • NINE WEST ‘Nevie’ d’Orsay Oxford Brogue

Nine West

Enough of the girly shoes already! Let’s switch it up to something boyish for a bit 🙂 . Here’s a nicely cut-out brogue for any girl who wouldn’t mind adding some masculine touch to her fashion style. It looks pretty vintage and contemporary at the same time, and I’m so loving the leather mix: plain black leather in front and behind, and some white patent leather at the centre. This would be considered irresistible by any typical tomboy. Want it? Then check here.

In Black & White Mono, it’s almost impossible to falter. Or don’t you think so???

I hope you enjoyed reading this 🙂 .

Don’t hesitate to bring in your comments, opinions and any additional information you might have relating to this post. Thanks!

#NoGrey 😉


  • Loving the black and white styles, just bought some white ballerina flats with little black cats on!
    Great post on a classic combination, thank you!

    • Oh I see! I ain’t the only one thinking Black&White after all *big smiles *. You’re welcome 🙂

      • Lol! Beautiful, classic combination as shown in this lovely post. One of my cats is also called Lily Bee! : )

  • Beautiful….black and white is forever classy even most weddings it’s black and white

    • True Kevin; the bride with her white dress and the groom in his black suit. :). Thanks for commenting.

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