Let’s Vote – Stilettos or Block Heels?

Let’s Vote – Stilettos or Block Heels?

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Hola Hermosa!

dancing ♠ I just spoke Spanish! I just spoke Spanish!♠  All thanks to google the great!

I’m glad you’re here again * hugs *. Now this is going to be a pretty brief post about something I’d love to get your opinion on. So apparently, amongst the numerous types and styles of shoe heels en vogue, there are two basic ones under which the rest fall: Stilettos and Block Heels.

Different people seem to have different heel-style preferences, which is of course expected. While some ladies love and would even in their sleep pick stilettos if asked, some others are more into block heels and would go for them anytime, anyday.

Personally, I love stilettos. I feel I should say this again with more vigour: I LOVE STILETTOS!!!  *lmao * That was actually to show you how endeared I am to them 🙂 (the high ones most especially). They are excellent at giving me poise boosts, adding some extra grace to my strides, and also have this magical way of accentuating my curves, making me feel sexy and on top of my game.


Block heels aren’t bad at all too; there are really gorgeous ones out there and of course, are well known to be a lot more comfy than stilettos.


I rock them occasionally to switch my looks a bit and although they always look good, I still go running back to my darling stilettos. Stilettos are “IT” for me and I doubt if I could ever get over-familiar with them, in spite of the fact that I wear them 5 times a week!

Well that’s me though. You might think differently of them and those thoughts that you have, are exactly what I would love to hear! So I came up with a poll where everyone here including YOU, gets to tick a preferred heel-type and also leave a brief comment saying why they love their stilettos or could cry if anything happened to their block heels.

Sounds like fun, yea? 🙂

Okay then. The Poll is right here:

[polldaddy poll=9515229]

And because I’d really love to get to know you, please fill in your details in the form below, then you can head straight to the “why I love my Stilettos/Block Heels” part.

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This is just a fun way for us to interact and share our views about one popular and recurring item in each of us’ closet: Our Shoes! 🙂

Please don’t forget to share with all your friends on social media by using the social media share buttons below the post to get them to participate in this exciting pre-weekend distraction.

So, ready girls?

Let the polls begin!




  • Hi! *Big hugs* Fabulous post of course! And…it has to be stilettos or flats, I feel like I’m just clompy in blocks. There are sime beautiful blocks out there, just not for me! 🙂 xx

    • LOL! I get your feelings on blocks my dear! So yay! I’ve got one person on my stilettos team! 🙂 . Thanks so much for the comment. And please don’t forget to participate in the poll…. I noticed you haven’t yet *hehehe*. Thank you! * hugs *

      • Lol, will do, but I need my son as I’m out at the moment and couldn’t remember my email address…!!

  • Depends on the shoe really! Some designs would be spoilt by a block heel other ones are perfect with the extra weight. The only rule is a balance of a lighter more delicate design of the upper with a chunkier style of heel or else the whole shoe becomes rather clunky in appearance.

    • That’s so true. Really insightful comment there 🙂 . Thanks so much for stopping-by *hugs*


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