KATE SPADE’s Izzie Sandal

KATE SPADE’s Izzie Sandal

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Kate spade

Personally, I’ve never been in support of the notion that pink is every girl’s favorite color, but on seeing this, i might just reconsider! LOL

So this is Izzie Sandal, from KATE SPADE‘s atelier of gorgeous and currently available heels!

With every inch of detail, this desirable Carousel Pink feet-loving piece has a delicate touch of femininity that makes it a typical “girly girl’s” dream. It’s simply mild and sexy at the same time.

It looks like it would give some really good balance to one’s strides, and I can already guess what wearing this would feel like: Walking On Heaven! Oh, and with that bow behind, you’re set to be the Cinderella at your next event! giggling

I like that it’s not just some fancy stuff, but made with noticeably superior quality leather and has a great finish to it. That’s a huge plus.

So ladies, rock some style and create an effortless flow of beauty with a lovely dress complemented with KATE SPADE‘s Izzie Sandal, and fab accessories to go with!

It’s a total and solid YES for me on this one!

Or what do you think???


  • Yes!

    Anthony Charlee
  • The kind of heels that will “land you the role”.. whatever those goals are. some shoes just make it way easier to stand out the crowd. “”” 5*

  • Exactly Bobby!


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