Just In: My Top 3 HighStreet Picks

Just In: My Top 3 HighStreet Picks

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With the High Street appeal sweeping across top cities in the world, a consistent out-flow of new shoe collections are required to keep up with the extremely high demand of all things feet fashion. Well so far, high street brands have kept their eyes on the runways; steadily designing and bailing out up-to-date foot wears to cater for the unending shoe needs of ladies all over. Even presently as we speak, a couple of high street brands have launched new collections of incredibly gorgeous lust-worthy foot wears which are must-haves this season.

While looking through some of the irresistible pieces, I came across three which I tagged #favorites, and felt I should share them with you just in case you might be interested 🙂

  • ZARA Embossed Leather Pump


The famous Snakeskin Print effect takes a different turn on these elegantly classic ombré pumps. Remember when I mentioned how much i love stilettos in my previous post? Well shoes like these are what reinforce my stand and also stir up my stiletto appetite! These would make a perfect pair with a corporate black dress+gold accessories, a white blouse+an ankle length straight-cut work pant, or a grey dress+a slim black midi belt. If you’re as tripped as I am by this sleek piece, click here for a pair and also here for more new arrivals from ZARA.

  • Latie by SHOEDAZZLE


Call this Hip and Stylish. It’s an ankle length denim pump with a very appealing  jug-handle vamp. Lace-up pumps aren’t easy come-bys but when they do, they stand out so effortlessly in every circle. This is tasteful, chic and gives off a lot of that priceless urban youthful vibe. So whether you choose to throw a corporate drape, semi-casual outfit or a party costume on it, there’s absolutely no way bells won’t go ringing with this on 🙂 . It’s available here, and to see more fabulous heels from SHOEDAZZLE’s new collection, click here.

My third and last fave which has so got me drooling is……..

  • Buckley by CHARLOTTE RUSSE


doing my happy shoe dance happy-shoe-dance

With fashion no longer designated to just plain staple stuff, here’s a wonderful alteration of the regular block heel sandal design. And although block/chunky heels aren’t really my thing, this is one dope of an exception! Asides its pop color (which I find very attractive), I love how its bold straps and metal buckles give off a tough, bad-ass but still very sexy look. Perfect for pencil pants and shift dresses. Get yours here and a full view of CHARLOTTE RUSSE’s new shoe arrivals here.

For more new stuff by top High Street brands, you can check here.

Okay beautiful, no delay. Hurry and get yours before the stocks run out. You know what they say: #YOLO 😉

It was nice having you stop-by. Please don’t hesitate to hit me up in the comments section with your thoughts and contributions.

Have a lovely midweek!




  • Hi! *hugs* Fabulous post as usual-love the snakeskin Zaras! Did you catch any of London Fashion Week? Some beautiful heels…some with the heels made out of letters stacked up. Can’t explain it very well but they looked great! 🙂 x

    • Hey Samantha! Wasn’t physically present there, but I had some sources give me some leaks. A post on it coming right up soon! Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂


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