How JIMMY CHOO’s VETO Sandal Turned My Day Around

How JIMMY CHOO’s VETO Sandal Turned My Day Around

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I woke up feeling a bit off-zone this morning. Wasn’t feeling as excited as usual. I got dressed for work anyway, hopeful that my day would take a positive turn somehow.

Well, good news: It did! A shoe insight did the magic!

So despite my ill-mood, i took my usual shoe dip and found something which not only elated my mood, but changed my pre-planned write up for today and got me cheerfully typing this.

Here’s what I found:

Jimmy Choo VETO 100

While paying rapt attention to the details of this beautiful black + silver studded high heeled VETO Sandal, which I found in JIMMY CHOO’s PRE FALL 16 COLLECTION, I realised how invaluable a good pair of black high heeled sandals is to every girl’s shoe closet.

Why? Well, it saves you the time and stress of that endless search for perfect colors of footwears to go with your clothes each time you’re putting an outfit together. It leaves you totally sweatless. In addition, black high heeled sandals have a universal fitting; they can be combined with pants, dresses, skirts, shirts, blouses, and can also be worn to almost any occasion you tag #heel fit – day/night party, wedding, book launch, lunch/dinner date, to work.. etc.

Their usefulness cannot be over emphasized.

So darling, the first step towards getting your shoe act together, is getting a pair of black high heeled sandals; could be plain black or could have some details like JIMMY CHOO’s VETO Sandal bling!. Having two actually does sound like a great idea, cos it would help you alternate them, making it unnoticeable when repeated.

No, you might not be able to afford all your dream shoes at once, but you sure can set a foundation for that shoe closet you’ve always dreamed of by beginning with a nice pair of black high heeled sandals.

One pair after another; keep your shoe dreams alive!

big hug


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