Heels to Nail the Deal

Heels to Nail the Deal

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In the corporate world, it’s all about business, business, and more business. From meetings, to seminars, to conferences, to specialized workshops, everything revolves around one thing: Business.

Starting, growing and maintaining a good, long lasting and formidable business is the goal/objective of any and every company within the various corporate industries, and to achieve this, interpersonal relationships, what we also know as networking is required. Having the right people (investors, business partners, clients, etc.) on your side is fundamental in moving your business to the next level.

Now as a career woman, the question shouldn’t just be how do i meet these “right” people, but also how do i get their attention when i actually find the opportunity to have a conversation with them? Being at the right place at the right time will not suffice, neither will having the right words in your mouth give you a chance ‘cos no one can access a content without first seeing the container. So what am i saying? Simple! You’ve got to “look the look”. You remember that popular saying: how you dress determines how you would be addressed? Well, it’s time to put some action to those words. You have to look just right for that conference/seminar/business meeting, ‘cos your appearance (head-to-toes) speaks first even from a distance, before any conversation at all begins. I mean.. looking good is good business already!

One important bit of your appearance is your shoes. The right pair of shoes would improve you charisma, step up your outfit, and create a smart and elegant look which would in turn increase your chances of being given the audience you need to sell your business!

Let me show you what I mean:

black mrlenarock



The first is a pair of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Marlenarock Pumps with flattering cross-straps in front, which add a bit of style twist to the conventional corporate pumps design.

While the second is a STEVE MADDEN Tifannie Pointy-Toe Pump. Covered in lush nubuck, this simple yet chic stiletto heel with its fancy ankle strap will give your formal outfit a fresh look.

So whether you’re rocking a pair of Loubs, Steve Madden or any other brand, they’ve got to be just right to suit the occasion. To help your shoe selection process, let’s take a quick look at three things to avoid while picking out shoes for a business date.

  • Shoes with loud colors or excessive design patterns. These are repellents. They make you look a bit too showy, extravagant, and unserious. And of course no investor/potential business partner would want to put his hard-earned money into a business whose owner looks like she spends more than she generates. So stick with cool, simple and classy. Conservative is the word.
  • Overly High-heels. Whether you’ve been walking on heels since you were 5 years old or not, overly-high heels give an impression of discomfort to any on-looker. It just spoils your whole ensemble, making you look like you’re trying too hard. So please go for low/moderate heels, but certainly not flats.
  • Extra-tight shoes. No matter how well you try to plaster that “faux smile” on your face to hide the foot ache, it will definitely show someway, somehow. Tight shoes divide your attention, making it difficult for you to concentrate on your meeting, especially when you have to walk/stand and talk at the same time. You might even be tempted to slip them off a little bit when you think no one’s watching, which is of course  highly unprofessional. Yea, i know they’re your favorite pair of pumps, but don’t let that “one” pump cost you millions of currencies enough to even pay for tens of customized pairs of that same shoe. #wisdom.

With a combination of the right outfit; which of course includes your carefully selected shoes (stylish, pretty and formal), your business product knowledge and the right attitude, creating a positive perception of yourself and the business brand you represent would be a total success.

So put your act together and go nail that deal girl!

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