Hats and Flats for the Summer

Hats and Flats for the Summer

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Everything seems brighter and more colorful during summer. From the Red Roses & Yellow Sun Flowers, to the adorable Shasta Daisies, to the colors of people’s outfits and even to the trending summer cocktails, it all just seems more vibrant and clearer than usual. Maybe it’s just the sun adding some extra glow-effect to everything around 🙂 .

Summer, which is considered the hottest season of the year is one period which tons and tons of people look forward to. Its timing varies in different regions of the world i.e. the whole months of December, January, and February in the Southern Hemisphere (consisting of most of South America, one-third of Africa, all of Antarctica, a small part of Asia (parts of Indonesia) and all of Australia/Oceania) and the whole months of June, July, August and September in the Northern Hemisphere (consisting of all of North America, the northern reaches of South America, about two-thirds of Africa, all of Europe and all of Asia excluding parts of Indonesia). But regardless of the different timings, summer practices are similar in many countries around the world.

The summer indulgence…ranging from flimsy baring clothing, to assorted drinks and foods at outdoor spots in exotic locations is certainly worth looking forward to, especially in retrospect of the cold season (winter/rainy season; depending on the region). With the summer sun usually showing no sign of taking a chill, beaches and pools become everyone’s best-friends, therefore making them the ultimate part of any summer getaway. And of course ladies seize the opportunity to show-case their “bikini worthy” bodies which costed them months of  hard-work and discipline to put together (anyone in that boat? 😉 ).

So to complement your beach look (either in a bikini, a playsuit, a mini shift-dress or a bum short paired with a free net crop-top), there are two essential things you need: Gorgeous flat sandals or slippers and your solid sun hat! So in this post, I’ll be giving you a variety of carefully selected pretty flats and hats which you could add to your beach kit 🙂 .

Now let’s begin:

  1.  LUXURY DIVAS Wide Brim Floppy Hat With Stripe Pattern + ZARA Flat Sandals With Chain Detail

pair 1


2. LUXURY DIVAS Red Oversize Wide Brim Floppy Sun Beach Hat + NEW LOOK Wide Fit Leather Beaded Sandal



3. VERA BRADLEY Sun Hat in Navy Stripe + NEW LOOK Silver Gem Stone Sandal



4 . CHARLOTTE RUSSE Straw Floppy Hat TOPSHOP Funfair Knotted Sandal

pair 4


5. ASOS Oversized Straw Floppy Hat In Mono Colour Block + ZARA Flat Studded Sandal



6. Turquoise Blue Wide Brim Shapeable Floppy Sun Hat + ASOS Silver Metallic FIFI Woven Leather Sandal

Affordable fashions for men and women


7. BP Oversize Packable Straw Hat + ASOS Brown FIFI Woven Leather Sandals

pair 7


8. O’NEIL Women’s Mirage Stripe Beach HatASOS FACTUAL Tie Leg Sandals



9. DAVID & YOUNG Floppy Straw Sun Hat + QUPID Two-Tone Strappy Sandals

Pair 9


10 . BP ‘Come Sail Away’ Floppy Straw Hat + NEW LOOK Black Cross Strap Slipper


You love them? Well I thought so too!

Now just before we go, I’m about to introduce to you a new yet trending foot wear brand which many stylish individuals in Nigeria have been drooling over these days. It’s LucyDaves, a Nigerian-made and based feet-fashion line, focused on spicing up every casual outfit you could possibly think of!

lucy-daves-sandals (Large)

Although I haven’t tried any of them on yet , I can say based on reviews by those who have, that these are made of good quality leather, are so comfy, simple and just what you need to look effortlessly stylish this summer. Of the three colors here, I prefer the pink sandal which is girly and has just the perfect shade of pink for the summer 🙂 .

Lucy yea

You could spice it up with a bit of color contrast by pairing it with this lovely Black&White Rim Floppy Straw Sun Hat.

another image

If you’d like to have the pink pair, click here to get in touch with LucyDaves 😉 

Just as an aside; ‘cos I know how flawless we all love our skins to look regardless of the weather, check here for some expert tips to combat skin dryness this summer by StyleCaster.

Don’t fail to keep your fingers on the pulse of activities and trends this summer so you don’t get left behind. And if you fall within the Northern Hemisphere or you intend travelling towards that direction for the summer and are still yet to plunge into the summer vibe, it’s not too late to begin, but remember you only have till the end of September to absorb as much summer sun as you can. So endeavor to take full advantage girl!

And oh, don’t forget to keep your sun glasses close too. They’ll sure come in handy 🙂 .

Have a fun-filled summer!


P.S. – I would love to know what you think about this post. Any summer style contributions from you would be greatly appreciated  * hugs *


  • oh yes!!!!!! i could see myself in most of these *love love 🙂

    • Uhnhun! I see you too Ofure! 😉

  • Yup Yup..I’m so getting these for summer *love struck*

    Adeola Odeleye
    • Yea you should! I’m so loving ’em all too!

  • Love the sandals! Some great styles that are pretty and feminine too- I’m not really a hat person but these are bang on trend!

    I have another award I’d like to nominate you for, the MakeItUltra Award. No pressure to accept obviously but I think you deserve it for your blogging quality! If you fancy it just check my blog on Friday for the info. Great post! *big hugs*

  • Hi Samantha! Always good to hear from you 🙂 . Pretty & Feminine: Just the right words. I couldn’t get my eyes off the sandals when I came across them, I just had to put them up! And it’s fine if you’re not really a hat person; not everyone has to be 🙂

    And about the award… It’s so nice of you to consider me for this. Two awards in two weeks?! Now I feel a bit overwhelmed. *LOL* I’ll certainly check your post on Friday, then I’ll let you know if i fancy it. Thanks a lot Samantha. Have a great Thursday. *double hugs*

  • I own a pair of the pink Lucy daves sandals. Hehe! Thank you so much for the feature – even if it’s not my brand lol


  • Thanks for dropping-by Cassie! And of course I know it’s not your brand; *in hushed tone* it’s your sister’s 🙂 . I’m glad you actually did stop-by and left a comment. Hope to see more of you on here. Have a lovely weekend.


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