GUCCI Pineapple Jacquard Pumps

GUCCI Pineapple Jacquard Pumps

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gucci pineapple jacquard pump2

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and style, in the mix of the Fashionista.

Ever Since 1921 when Guccio Gucci founded the GUCCI fashion line, it has maintained its place as one of the world’s preeminent luxury brands. Every GUCCI piece represents impeccable Italian craftsmanship and this here definitely shows that off.

These shoes remind me of childhood: Playing “dress up”!

They might look a bit odd to some, and really pretty to some others. Regardless, it’s obvious a great deal of thought was put into the creation of these shoes.

Although they’re not my kind of stuff, I still love the pineapple silk jacquard designs (very creative), the funny owl eyes, the navy blue cotton-balls at the tip, and the white wool at the edge of the toe covers which look just like mustaches! (Some kids might mistake these for shoe toys! giggling). I also love the studded heels which add some stylishness to it (beautiful!).

gucci pineapple jacquard pump1

GUCCI‘s Pineapple Jacquard Pumps are very distinct and detailed shoes, which possess a great deal of artisanal quality.

Yea they’re GUCCI, but just not my style. If someone got these for me as a gift though (‘cos i wouldn’t get them for myself), i would most likely wear them to a circus theme event or an art festival, ‘cos they’re certainly not everyday regular shoes.

So if you’re a fan of creative arts, you would probably love to have these in your closet. Not necessarily ‘cos you would wear them, but just to stare at and run your hands over whenever you feel art-bored! LOL

This is pretty, no doubt, but it wouldn’t just work for me.

I love GUCCI, I mean.. we all do. But like they say: different strokes for different folks!

I would like to have your take on this.

So what do you think?


  • Toks, i’m proud of you, darl.

  • These are mad shoes! Love them though, hard to be sad with a pair of these in your wardrobe! : )


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