Fashion(Corporate + Rock)= Corprock Fashion

Fashion(Corporate + Rock)= Corprock Fashion

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When Team #Rock somehow finds its way into the corporate world, it straight up alters status-quo, leaving just very light traces of what used to be. Now that, is what I call Corprock. 😀

Corporate fashion used to be pretty predictable and very restrictive, but thanks to the corporate business world’s style-revolution which happened around the late 90s, we can now enjoy some form of versatility as regards corporate attires. However, when it comes to shoes, it’s hard to say anything major has changed, ‘cos it’s either the regular pump style or something not too far, yet very close to it. Truth is, for a full-time working class chick who spends a minimum of 40 hours per week at work (9am-5pm), there’s a very high possibility of her closet consisting of 75% work shoes, while the others fall under the remaining 25%. Not ideal.

But what if she were given ONE day to showcase her personal shoe style without looking downright casual; still maintaining the official look – an opportunity to flaunt that pair of shoes she was dying to buy months ago but couldn’t because of the “fashion policy” of the company where she works, and how little time she always has for herself on weekends to even afford the time and energy to wear them anywhere else. What shoe do you think she would pick?

Now turning the question around to myself, here is what I would undoubtedly step into the office building in, paired with a black straight-cut pant and a black satin camisole topped with a plain white double-breasted blazer, without blinking!


Surprised? 😀 Well this, is an absolute reflection of Corprock – Corporate and Rock fashion encapsulated in one remarkable piece! Featuring a basket-woven monochrome toe cap, a cut-out vamp and a sleek black leather upper, this, can only be defined as #UltraChic.

One would think that this snazzy stiletto emerged from some collection by one of the very-famous runway brands, but guess what? It’s by KOBE HUSK– an Australian brand borne out of love for handsome leather shoes with a firm emphasis on comfort and style, whose first debut was in Sydney, in June 2011, but after impressively exceeding market expectations season after season, found its way into the finest stores and private collections of fashion enthusiasts from all over the world. Considering its present duration of stay in the fashion industry, it’s pretty clear that success isn’t necessarily bound by how long, but rather how well 🙂 .

Back to the look


Now that, is exactly what I envisioned when I talked about how I would style mine; although my pants would be a bit longer (up to the point where the arrow is), and the size, a bit skinnier – for a flawless slip of the lower pants into the shoe’s upper. With these on, who says you can’t go partying right after work without needing a change over?!

I just loooove the universality of fashion!

To snag a pair of those fabulous shoes for yourself, click here. And to pull off that sassy look, you could check here for a variety of white blazers to pick from – since I figured that might be the most difficult of all the pieces to find.

Now how about we turn the tables around to you for a bit! If you were asked the same question, which shoe would you choose to dazzle up your office in? Yes, that shoe you dare not wear to work on a very normal day, unless you’ve planned your path to a query! Lol!

You can mention the brand name and also share a link to where it can be found right in the comment section for all to see. Who knows who might be planning to go shoe shopping? 😀

Okay ladies, I look forward to hearing what you’ve got to say.





  • Those shoes are FIERCE! I agree with you about the trousers though, I think just on the ankle bone would make the whole outfit a little more elegant… As for what would I dazzle in… it would have to be those divine butterfly stilettos that I first saw right here on your blog! *hugs*

  • Aaaawwww….. thanks! You still remember those Sophia Webster Mint and Orange Sandals, which were actually my first shoe-feature and yea, my very first blog post! *hugs* You should see my face right now: my eyes are certainly feeling the impact of my smile. 🙂 Thanks again Samantha. XoXo…


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