Clear Heels – #Trending

Clear Heels – #Trending


Ever felt like you were (figuratively) walking on water? Like the whole world was somewhere 20 feet below and you were right on top taking a stroll? Well that, is exactly what our shoes for today depict!

Clear, Lucite, Perspex, Translucent heels….are all the names I’ve heard shoes in this category called, but don’t get it twisted hun; they all refer to the same thing! Since after Queen Letizia of Spain stepped out on May 2015 in her adorable pair of translucent heels, which she later repeated in June of the same year, the way was paved for a creation of more real-life versions of the Cinderella-like heels by some of the most fervent fashionistas all over.

Some have clear straps like Kanye’s trending”Yeezy Season 2″ sandals (right below),


while others have colored, opaque vamps & straps, but of course with just as beautiful glass-like heels. Here’s a glimpse into what some of our favorite fashion style icons have been cooking up with the sophisticated translucent heels trend.


Chrissy Teigen and Hubby, John Legend

Who says new mums can’t throw on some fancy too? Well there’s your perfect example!



Kim K-West

Kim-K: Always Killing it! Wait, is that a Hermes bag I see?? eyes popping



Emily Ratajkowski

That was what she turned-up in at the Haloween Party NYC, 2016….. What character was she again??? Well with that fringe on, it’s got to be one with Egyptian roots 😀



Irina Shayk

Irina certainly could not have been lost in the crowd at the Atelier Versace show during Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2015/2016, in her mesmerizing yellow halterneck mini-dress, tuned up some steps higher by her beautiful pair of Versace perspex heel sandals. With all of this goodness, it’s no wonder Bradley Cooper can’t seem to get enough of her 😉




Ri-Ri: Breaking fashion status quo since 21 AD! 😀

Ranging from the likes of Dolce&Gabanna all the way down the ladder, several shoe brands have succeeded in creating their own versions of the trending lucite heels, adding a twist or two to theirs to give them different but still very irresistible looks. In no particular preferential order (because I wouldn’t mind having ALL of them 😀 ), here are some of the most beautiful ones I found. Ready to shop? Let’s go!


Staple suede and leather booties just got slayed by this charming piece of art! Clear heel, mesmerising clear vamp, what could be better at adding the perfect doze of icing on a clear-weather day?!


You remember when I mentioned at the beginning of this post how Queen Letizia of Spain sparked up the popularity of translucent heels? Well guess what? It was in these EXACT ones that she turned the world’s gaze to her feet! Check out her look here.

Ever heard of the phrase “Chic Simplicity” and wondered what perfect example could help define it? Well here you have it! This is one versatile piece that would suit almost any occasion which requires some glam touch-up: from weddings, to day/night parties, to cocktail dinners, to movie premiers and even book launches! Girl…classy, just got better!


Somewhere at the back of my mind in the course of my shoe search, I knew for sure that I’d find at least one clear heel sandal by Steve Madden! Lol. He doesn’t fail to keep up with the trends each and every season. Thanks Steve: Love this!


Found this on Nordstrom’s Clearance Rack and just couldn’t resist the urge to right-click and select “save image”. Lol! I love how different and unexpected it looks in the midst of all the other clear heels I’ve come across so far. It’s stylish, unique and really mature. You, I mean We, have got to have this!


Yes, you read the name right! On a normal day, if I had no idea which designer made this shoe, I’d simply consider it a sleek and extremely cute pump with a perfect color-mix which I’d love to have. But you know what influence brand names have….. subtle but so strong! And that, is why all of a sudden I feel this strong creme/elite vibe emanating from this lovely pump, tickling all of my shoe senses! The truth, regardless of how much some of us deny it, is that somewhere deep down, labels count. Yay or Nay? 🙂


So many “shades of grey” around these days but in this specific design, only this hue, is available. These gorgeous grey lace up sandals are more of the everyday ready-to-rock kinda foot wears. They have comfy heels backed with metal panels to protect them from cracks, and a go-to color which would blend easily with any other color range. Creatively cut out nubuck vamp; perfect for an absolutely stunning semi-casual look.


Footwear decisions for impromptu outings could be really exhausting sometimes, but now this brings with it the solution to pulling-off a fantastic outfit even in a rush. All you need to do is slip in those well pedicured feet without even having to bend for a buckle, and off you go! It’s pretty, sophisticated and edgy…. Some stand-out stuff!

Of course these aren’t the only clear heels out there available in stores right now, but I just had to stop here before you get overwhelmed with the gorgeousness of them all 😉 . But if you haven’t had enough yet, feel free to leave a comment letting me know and I’ll hop on a follow-up post, just for you!

A few people have shared their doubts about the durability of perspex heels, but I’m not really clear what those doubts are based upon. So I’d love to get your opinion on this. For whatever reason, would you go for these Semi Magical Cinderella heels or would you rather stick with the usual staple stuff?

Looking forward to your response 🙂

Thanks for the read. Have a smooth weekend!




  • WOW! These are stunning, not sure I’d feel entirely comfortable walking on see through heels… I might fall over or they might disappear… However, LOVE the Ferragamo pumps and would consider myself extremely lucky were a pair of these to pop up in my Christmas stocking haha! Chrissy Teigen looks fabulous and this was a wonderful post! *BIG hugs* 🙂 xx

    • And Samantha’d be like: “what a prompt response!”… 🙁 i’m so sorry I just read your comment. I’ve been so busy of late, that Chic-soles has been feeling the pressure too. Thanks for the comment, and yes, Chrissy Teigen looks like a well-baked vanilla cake! Now i’m here, i’ll also stop-by at your blog to do some catching up 🙂 *hugs*

      • That made me laugh! Don’t worry, I assumed you’d been REALLY busy…I just keep having pointless little panics as Christmas gets ever closer and I realise just how unprepared I am…!! *hugs*

        • Trust me my dear, you’re not alone on that one! But thinking about it, maybe we’re placing too much expectations on ourselves about what the “ideal” Christmas celebration should be like. How about we just enjoy Christmas by focusing more on its essence than anything else? I think that would help reduce the pressure and also make us realize that we have all we need to celebrate: life, family, yea..a bit of cash to go out once or twice to have a good time, and most especially, we have Jesus, who is the number one reason why we even celebrate Christmas in the first place 😀 . Or what do you say?

          • I totally agree. People have become very materialistic and “Christmas” is shoved at us earlier and earlier every year while the true spiritual essence of it is forgotten…bit of a rant there! 🙂

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