Chic-Soles Is 2 Months Old Today!

Chic-Soles Is 2 Months Old Today!

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“Talents, no matter how tiny and seemingly irrelevant, were not deposited in you to just lie fallow. They are to be used, for we’ll all give account of them someday.”


It was just like a joke when I said to myself: “Ok Sochi, you’re pretty good at putting words together and you are such a lover of shoes. So how about you start up a shoe blog?” Well I followed my heart and did just that. But after the 2nd, 3rd, 4th post, I became really scared. So many thoughts were running through my mind: “what if people don’t read my content? What if they get bored of me? What more do I write about? Oh my, what do I do to get it right with SEO?” But gradually, I began to gain direction and bearing. Day after day, it got easier and my confidence grew. People gradually began reading, commenting & liking some of my posts, and the sight of every like/comment stirred up in me a fresh desire to keep writing and improving.

Chic-Soles is 2 months old today the 11th of July and I’m super excited! On our first anniversary, I didn’t want to make any noise cos I wasn’t sure if we’d make it through the next month. But here we are, still keeping it going and getting better on a daily! Thank you God. 🙂

Now to you; yes you, you and you who has always read my posts (even if not all), who squeezed out some time out of your busy schedule to leave a comment on my blog, and who even went the extra mile of sharing at least one of my posts on your Social Media pages, I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you! Without you steadily reading, I would probably have been discouraged and stopped writing. Without your followership, there would really be no Chic-Soles. Thanks and thanks again. hugs. I promise to always keep it consistently fresh on here just for you. 🙂

And to my creative, intelligent and supportive WordPress family: samanthamurdochblog,  Mliae, Chape,  lafayetteangel, Lora Tia, Breathmath, SaharSultan, CaffeinatedGirlB. Even if I don’t comment on your posts as much as I would like to, I want you to know that I’ve got your back too, just as you’ve got mine 🙂 .

So to celebrate our 2nd month anniversary, I came up with a really interesting reward-package for you my awesome readers. Who remembers the Shoe Care post which I did on the 6th of June (you could read it here) and those amazing shoe care products I featured? Well, I would be giving out two of the CLICKLESS Heel Protectors to the first two lucky people who are able to perform the following tasks within 24hours:

  • Share at least 5 of your favorite of my posts, each on three different social media platforms (It’s so easy. Simply scroll to the end of any post you like and click on any of the social media icons you would like to share it on)
  • Get 5 friends to follow my blog
  • Showcase your shoe care gift which I’ll send you on your social media pages, tagging me on the posts 🙂

Cool right? Yes, I know you think so too! Well to help me keep track of your activities, once you are ready to begin, send an email to titled “beginning tasks” with the following details contained in the body of the email:

  • Your full name
  • Your social media handles
  • Your location&address

And once you have completed the tasks, simply send another email titled “tasks completed”, with a list of your 5 friends who have just followed my blog.

The winners will be announced on Wednesday 13/07/2016, and will get their parcels latest on the 20th of July (next week Wednesday, depending on how long the shipping would take).

So darlings, go out there and spread the word about Chic-Soles and get ready to win heel protectors from one of the best shoe care brands for your favorite stilettos!

I look forward to your emails. 🙂  ♥

Let’s do this Fabulous people! 😉


  • Happy Anniversary! Love your blog, the shoes and fashion articles. Thank you for bringing glamour (and FABULOUS shoes) to my attention. Keep blogging! : ) x

    • Thanks Samantha 🙂 . I’m glad to hear your comment. Please stay tuned for many more fabulous shoes and fashion articles to come . *big hug*

      • Definitely! Looking forward to your next post and many more!
        *big hug back!*

  • Congratulations Sochi, I ♥ your content! Very chic and fabulous…


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