CHARLOTTE RUSSE Hot n Available Deals

CHARLOTTE RUSSE Hot n Available Deals

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Hi Divas!

Hope y’all are having a lovely weekend, cos I am!

I’m so excited right now. Wondering why? Well, I was doing my usual “top shoe” search and I came across some really cool and blue CHARLOTTE RUSSE deals which I felt you would be interested in.

So here they are:

CHARLOTTE RUSSE Two-Piece Dress Sandal

Blue sandals

It’s a pretty moderate-heeled  faux-suede sandal, which gives a balance that accentuates your hips, creating a certain elegance in your strides.

So why’s this a good deal? Well, this costs just $28.99! Anyone doing some currency conversion calculations already? Grinning

In addition, CHARLOTTE RUSSE is doing a “buy one, get one at a 50% discount” sale on this! Yea…I know someone’s already as excited as moi! LOL

Wait till you see the second deal:

CHARLOTTE RUSSE Fringed T-Strap Dress Sandal

Wine colored

Love! Love! Love!

That’s how I feel about this cute berry-colored sandal! I like that it looks really comfy and also playful with the fringe in front. Although it’s called a “dress sandal” it can easily be combined with other forms of clothing as well.

This here isn’t as inexpensive as the first, but it’s also very affordable at $35.99. (Calculators please!)LOL. The “buy one, get one at a 50% discount” sale also applies to this.

However, the 50% discount on a second pair (for the two shoes i just featured) will last till 05/22/16 at 3am EST(Eastern Standard Time). Nevertheless, the prices mentioned remain the same even after the time limit given.

So ladies, without having to spend so much, you can still look so HAWT!

To get them, click here and here

And let the shopping spree begin!

*wink *


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