CHANEL Tweed-White & Black Sandals

CHANEL Tweed-White & Black Sandals

Chanel sandal 2aCHANEL always does it right!

This literally drips of Fabulousness!

You wondering where this came from? Well, it’s a part of CHANEL’s SPRING-SUMMER 2016 COLLECTION.

There are absolutely so many places I could rock this to, and so many dresses and pairs of skirts & blouses that would be just perfect with this…. hmmmm… *imaginations running gaga!*.

Wearing pants on this would look stunning too, but that’s if worn with the right type (three-quarter length pants).

Yea, I’m guessing someone’s thinking “oh well, I don’t do heels”. Not to worry darling, I’ve got you covered!

Here’s a flat equivalent of it:

Chanel sandal 2b flats

It’s just as adorable as the first!

Very comfy. No sweat!

You could do this with a shift dress or a pair of skinny jeans and a plain top (with a cute neck-piece) , to the movies, a concert, or to grab a quick drink with friends while enjoying some cool  evening breeze. #PerfectEvening

To get these gorgeous pieces, you could check any CHANEL store near you.

So tell me: Heels or Flats. Which would you go for???

Waiting to hear your preferences!*big smile*




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