Celebrity Shoe-Crush: #01

Celebrity Shoe-Crush: #01

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Celevrity Inspo

Hello Beautiful!

🙁 Yes I missed you too. I’m so sorry you haven’t heard from me in the past thirteen days. I’ve been so entangled with work, work and more work. At the beginning of each of those thirteen days, I always hoped my energy wouldn’t get drained by the time work was over, but it was just always the same daily cycle, leaving me exhausted and fatigued at the end. But no no no! I couldn’t bear being away from you any longer, and I knew that if I kept waiting on my job to give me the time I needed to be here, I might’ve had to wait for like forever. So I had to deliberately make out time to bring you this new development that snuck up on my mind few days ago; an absorbing subject which ladies love to hear about!  I’ve also been able to work out a plan to help me manage my time more effectively, so we can be here together more often 🙂 * hugs * I’m so glad to be back!

Now to what we’ve got today.

Celebrities, specifically female celebrities, are idols to a lot of people. Yes they’re talented; we know, but looking closer, it doesn’t seem like the only reason why they’ve got hundreds of thousands to millions of fans all over the world. Let’s take me for instance: I love Beyoncé – I mean…who doesn’t! One ‘cos she’s got an amazing voice, pitching modulations like she’s sipping coffee. And secondly, her fashion style. She’s got this chic and sophisticated style which ALWAYS does it right on and off the carpets. She literally shuts everything else down with her toujours-glam outfits. Here’s an example of what I mean.


So it’s clear we not only love their talents, but also their style – which encapsulates their clothing, accessories and their fabulous designer shoes 😉 .

That being said, * drums rolling * welcome to a new category on Chic-Soles: Celebrity Shoe-Crush! On each post in this category, we’ll be talking about specific female celebrities who’ve got well-seasoned fashion styles, with emphasis on their adorable shoes. And no, you wouldn’t just see and talk about their shoes but in addition, I’ll be bringing to you a variety of just-as-nice handpicked pocket-friendly alternatives to those fabulous shoes you wish you had, to help you duplicate and nail the look too! 🙂

In this first episode, we’ll be starting out with Queen Bey. C’mon….. please don’t gimme that look. Since I already mentioned her earlier, I feel it would be rude to just side-line her like that you know ;). * hehehee * So let’s see these three gorgeous shoes I found on her, with which she slayed effortlessly (as always).

Look 1

Beyo grey

This photo was taken in New York City on Monday night (22/8/16) when she and her boo: Jay-Z, were out supporting their friend Usher at his Hands of Stone movie premiere. The duo took everyone unawares as they stepped out in semi-matching grey power suits; Jay-Z going tie-less in his gray blazer and matching pants, and Beyoncé giving a Chic and Sultry tempo to the event in her double-breasted pinstriped jacket and skirt.

Now taking a closer look downwards, you see what I see right? Those gorgeous yet simple grey dress sandals totally flattering the feet of her well tanned and worked-out legs. I’m not sure who designed those sandals, but here are two pretty dope alternatives you could use in pulling that off in your own stylish way.

grey party

To the left is a NINE WEST “Reign” Ankle Strapped Sandal, while on the right we’ve got a QUPID “Leona” Strappy Zip-Up Sandal. If plain does it for you, Nine West would be a good fit. But if you’re like me who wants something extra and edgy, then Qupid is just what you need. So tell me: which is it for you: Nine West Or Qupid? Wait…before you say it, first, make your choice (by clicking on the name of your preferred) and then place your order! 🙂

Look 2

beyo black

Queen Bey is killing it! While out with her husband Jay-Z in NYC, Queen Bey made an alluring statement in all black with a leather beret, tailored blazer, matching shorts, and heeled ankle boots – an outfit which she punctuated with a black lippie. And that bag is… what word do I use now? Fleek. Yes. Her bag is so – on – fleek!

Now guess what? I think I found what shoe designer she was wearing. See this:

aldo black

It’s an ALDO “Piedim” High Heeled Ankle Bootie. A la Mode, Sexy, Drop-dead-gorgeous: those are the words befitting to describe this beautiful piece of fabulousness. Now this is surprisingly not as expensive as I had thought at $98.99. Regardless, I still found you a more cost-friendly alternative! Check this:

dazzle black

This you see, which is called the “Rika” Ankle Bootie, emerged from SHOE DAZZLE’s gallery of Glam High-Street feet fashion. And guess who’s behind Shoe Dazzle? It’s Kim-K, the famous Armenian-American goddess who’s kept the internet on a lockdown for some time now. Her shoe line started in March 2009 and since then has kept rolling-in hundreds of fantastic and very affordable foot wear designs for fashion-forward females all over.

So whether you choose Aldo or you decide to opt for Shoe Dazzle, you could still replicate the Beyoncé Gothic look quite alright with no ounce of polish lost. 😉

And our last Beyoncé look for today is…….

Look 3

beyo multi

Holla Sporty Diva!

Queen Bey confirms that the athleisure trend can still be girly by tucking a football jersey T-shirt into a body-hugging rainbow print pencil skirt, although her strappy bloom-adorned pink pom-pom heels were actually what pulled my attention.

So after searching and searching, I suspect that her sandals are by AQUAZURRA FIRENZE. Why do I think so? Well although I didn’t find the exact one she has on here, I came across lots of pom-pom dress sandals by Aquazzura on quite a number of e-boutique sites, so it seems to me like he introduced the design to the market. However, I didn’t bother showing you the close matches to hers by Aquazzura which I found ‘cos they cost between $400-$600, and….. the idea behind this category on Chic-Soles is to bring to you more cost-friendly versions of our darling celebrities’ foot-wears. You get me, right? Cool 🙂 .

Well as expected, someone else copied Aquazzura’s pom-pom style and created gorgeous alternatives, offering them to us at way more affordable prices! Here they are:


These are BESTOWAL pom-pom detail dress sandals. First on the left is the beige, at the center – the white and on the right is the burgundy red version for those who aren’t so into having many colors on at once. The trio are available here so click to start shopping, as you prepare to strut your stuff in these playful and beautiful heels, just like Beyoncé did!

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, it was nice having you on here today ;). * LOL*

Okay darlings, tell me: Among her three outfits, which is your Fave and Ultimate Style Inspo?

Please drop in your responses in the comments section. I’d be so glad if you did 🙂

See you again…. soon!




  • Hi *big hugs* so pleased to hear from you! Where do I start..Beyonce has fab legs and would look good in a sack with a pair of killer heels…I like her grey suit look, I think…but also the jeans combo..Love the pompom heels, they are so cute! Also like the “Reign” heels..Fabulous post! Thank you :)xx

    • Hi Samantha! Good to have you comment 🙂 and I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Beyonce always nails it with such precision! I like that you selected a piece or two from each of her outfits and not just everything in a particular one as I expected anyone to – Proof of your Fashion Savviness! Thanks for the lovely comment. *big hug*

      • Lol! Well, I am learning from the best and that’s you : ) Great post *big hug back*

  • Nice one
    Queen bee is always killing it anyways I’d like to see one about Zendaya heard she’s starting up her own shoe collection

    • Yea she certainly always Kills it. About Zendaya, I’ll look into her shoe style and see what she’s got going. Thanks a lot for the comment. 🙂

      • Sure no problem as long as your posts keep coming

  • They certainly will! Have you seen the new post I published yesterday? 5 Steps to Getting Rid of Your Shoe Clutter: http://wp.me/p7wTnw-1Nj . I look forward to your comment on it :). Thanks!


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