Birthday Dress-Up Troubles? Relax!

Birthday Dress-Up Troubles? Relax!

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Happy July Somebody!

It’s the seventh month of the year already! Oh how time flies. * TOL – it’s six months to the end of the year.. i had better revisit my 2016 goals *

Well just in case you didn’t know, the month of July, which was formerly called Quintilis was named by the Roman Senate in honor of the 84th Roman emperor: Gaius Julius Caesar, who was born on the 13th of July 100 BC and passed on the 15th of March 44 BC (aged 55). I think I’ll stop right there with that since we’re more focused on women on here: Fabulous women and their beautiful shoes! 🙂

So, I would like to say a happy birthday to all Divas around the world who were born in July, starting from you reading this post if it’s your birthday this month, to the late famous Princess Diana of Wales (R.I.P.) whose birthday was yesterday the 1st of July, and to my other favorite female celebrities who were also born in this special month: Missy Elliot (July 1), Lindsay Lohan (July 2), Ashley Tisdale (July 2), Rita Dominic (July 12), Selena Gomez (July 22), JeLo (July 24). I wish y’all a happy, happy birthday! * hugs *

Birthdays are one time of the year which tons of people (+moi) look forward to, not solely but majorly because of the gifts and all the love and attention friends and family get to show. Beyond the gifts and attention though, we all somewhere deep down wouldn’t mind if a party were thrown in our honor.. maybe a surprise party by boo or even an open one with all the bills footed by some amazing friends 😉 . But if you’re in a situation where you’re doing the planning and organizing yourself, it could be so exhausting. Asides the taxing process of finding and supervising the venue setup, getting in touch with the coolest DJs and making arrangement for refreshments and all that, there’s yet another side of the preparation which is still pretty tedious, but not as tiresome ‘cos it’s always so much fun. That’s the part where you get to choose your outfit; shoes not excluded!

So in this post, we’ll be focusing on four footwear types for three different birthday party settings:

  1. Afternoon at the Beach
  2. Early evening at a karaoke bar with friends
  3. Night out with the girls

So let’s start with the first: Afternoon at the Beach

For an afternoon beach party, the perfect foot wear I think, would be a pair of flat sandals. Heels are COMPLETELY out of the way and ballet flats would be highly unsuitable. I mean…at a beach you should feel as free as the wind, not being conscious of your shoes and dusting out sand from them almost every 10 minutes! So here’s an example of an excellent beach sandal:

macy madden2


It’s a Madden Girl Flexii Saz Lace-Up Flat Sandal by one of my top ten favorite shoe designers, STEVE MADDEN. It’s a criss-cross gillie laced sandal, covered in a distinct, decorative and ethnic-inspired multi-colored fabric. I love the playful tassels at each lace edge, which would totally flatter the ankles of any lucky feet slipped into this gorgeous sandal. It has a completely irresistible aesthetic feature which I find very attractive. This here is so boho-chic and would be just perfect on a white mini shift dress or jumpsuit. You like? Get it here for $39.99.

Now our second turn-up setting is an Early Evening at a Karaoke Bar with Friends.

For me, here’s what I would opt for:


What could be better than an outrightly classy pair of heels on a cool, breezy evening?

Here’s a multi-strapped ZARA High Heel Color Contrast Sandal with adjustable buckles and a rear-zip closure. Asides the fact that it’s made of superb quality leather and possesses an unparalleled elegance and style, I also love its gentle downward slope, multiple adjustable ankle fasteners and medium length heels which are sure to give the needed comfort and balance for a good time all evening. A black midi length sleeveless dress with a pair of white-gold dropping earrings or a pair of  black high-waist pencil jeans paired with a cool patterned crop-top (made with stiff fabric), complemented with a simple neck piece would be just right with this for an early evening Karaoke Hangout with friends on your birthday.

Love it? Then get it here for $39.99.

And for our final birthday setting which I have been waiting for: Night out with the Girls, * drums rolling * here’s what I’ve got for yo!

zara 3

ZARA‘s brought us yet another pair of strappy heels, but in a totally different style. Here’s a pair of ZARA High Heel Strappy faux-suede Sandals. Its tri-colored feature keeps us envisioning endless ensembles to go with it i.e. a nude sleeveless mini dress with a glam neck accessory or a black high-neck long-sleeved lacy mini jumpsuit, dazzled up with a pair of nude crystal dropping earrings. ALLURING is just the word for that look.

Want it? It’s available here on sale for $22.99!

But if a multi-colored outfit is what you’ve planned out, then you could tone it down a bit with a pair of black heels like this one:

Charlotte russe black

This here is a CHARLOTTE RUSSE Laser Cut Peep Toe Bootie, finished with a high stiletto heel and a pretty balanced sole. It’s undeniably chic and exudes unbeatable confidence. Complete that drop-dead sexy look with this Laser Cut Peep Toe Bootie and a mini bodycon dress, a colorful mini jumpsuit or even a bum short paired with a sophisticated top and some statement jewelry to put the icing on it. Asides the birthday thingy, this here is a must have for EVERY party girl.

Want it? Get it here at a sale price of $25! (limited offer).

So darlings, slay real good to your birthday parties with these dope foot wears….regardless of where the turn-up spot is.

And for us whose birthdays aren’t until towards the end of the year, planning ahead and keeping these shoes stand-by wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. 😉

I hope this post has been helpful. I would love to know what you think.

Y’all have an awesome and a productive month ahead!

  • gigantic hug * 🙂

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