Beautiful & Meaningful – We Are!

Beautiful & Meaningful – We Are!

She speaks good English, they say “she’s forming pho-ne”.

She learns and practices good table manners, they say “she’s forming buttie“.

She does a pretty manicure, they say “hmm.. she’s trying too hard”.

She saves up and buys a nice, long human hair weave, they say “this one is an aristo babe”.

She gets a job and is committed at work, they say “be there forming corporate chic, till old age meets you single”.

She starts a business and is thriving at it, they say “Miss Independent – Miss Feminist”.

She gets a small apartment for herself closer to her office, they say “bad shaid. She doesn’t want to be monitored”.

She buys a salon car from her salary to reduce the stress of danfo hustle ‘n’ bustle, they say “mtcheww! see her. I’m sure it’s one married man that’s sponsoring her”.

She gets married to a wealthy man, they say “this girl is just too materialistic for my liking!”.

She decides to get married to an up & coming guy, they say “kai! this girl is just too dull”.

Nothing she ever does is perfect in their eyes.

No effort she puts in is ever enough by their judgement.

They are her greatest critics, yet deep down, they know she is their greatest fear.

They hope she doesn’t realise the weight of value she possesses, the depth of strength she carries, and the intensity of intelligence deposited inside of her.

But… too late! She just did!

Don’t let the world define you: Stay strong. Stay bold. Stay courageous. Stay genuine. Stay tenacious. Stay creative. Stay driven. Stay virtuous. Stay being that work-of-art.

Nora Ephron (in blessed memory); a successful American writer and filmmaker said:

Be your heroine (2)

So what are you waiting for? Take the leap! Dish out your sauce for the world to see girl! You are priceless: To you, to humanity, and priceless to the Most High God!

Happy International Women’s Day darling!

With so much love,

From Sochi and the ChicSoles Fam.



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