Are High Heels Compulsory?

Are High Heels Compulsory?


Holla ma Divs! Trust y’all had a great weekend. Mine was so restful; I was elated when my alarm rang, letting me know it was Monday Morning!

Well over the weekend, I kept pondering on a thought which crossed my mind Friday afternoon. Fashion and Style have evolved over the years; unfolding chunks of what I’d call “recycled fashion”, and with all of this unfolding has come various controversies, including the question of if every girl must wear high heels to prove a style-point or for whatever reason!

Now here’s what actually triggered the thought.

A friend shared her ordeal with me of a wedding she recently attended, which took place at Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria. She lives on the mainland, but considering the location of the wedding in question and the fact that “she was all out to get a hold of BAE before Vals day” (paraphrased from her exact words), she literally “dressed-to-stun” on purpose. Even as a lady, I tripped when I saw pictures of her outfit on Instagram. She looked all ravishing in her black illusion dress which she adorned with some statement accessories, pairing all of that goodness with Kate Spade’s Signature Butterfly Sandals in Gold and White color. So my darling friend boarded an Uber to the wedding venue with hopes all high of having an amazing time and of course, leaving with the digits of a potential “BAE”.  Well at the reception venue of the wedding, sitting a place away from her was another young lady looking just as radiant as herself, only that she added a ballerina flats finish to her own outfit. Well my friend couldn’t care less; I mean…looking around, she was certainly on the ranking of top 10 best dressed ladies at that wedding. But just when she was about to settle-in, a young gentleman strolled in and sat right between she and the “flat shoe girl” (in her words). Trust babes now, with both their side-eyes, the two ladies checked him out head-to-ring finger-to-toes. And from the description of him my friend gave, he was a typical definition of TDH; especially in the well-fitted three-piece navy blue suit he wore. So the event went on with both girls acting all prim ‘n’ proper, while of course hoping the guy would turn towards one of them for a “conversation”. And sure, my friend had not even an atom of doubt in her mind that she would be the dude’s choice – considering all of her packaging (even though she was enduring some serious calf-cramps wearing her stilettos), and the fact that she had read on a blog somewhere about how guys “love” ladies in heels. Well to cut the long story short, my friend’s bubbles got busted, as the guy’s attention went all the way for the “flat shoe girl” for reasons best known to him. LOL. My friend narrated this to me with so much rage and confusion, which later on turned into laughter and teasing at some point.

But what’s my point in all of this? It’s to clearly state, that Wearing high heels is NOT compulsory at all. I mean, who says you can’t look stunning and attractive in flats? Girlfriend, You don’t have to go all out killing your legs and faking a smile in a bid to fit-in or impress anybody, not to even mention “some guy”.  If you choose to go on high heels, let it be simply because you like how they make you look and feel about yourself, you are comfortable wearing them (even though you’ll have to endure a few twinges here and there), and most especially because wearing them is in sync with your personal style. So don’t let anyone convince or pressure you into thinking that you’ve got to “climb on heels” to get noticed anywhere you go; be it to an event or just a hangout with friends.

So for those who are more into flats, and those of us who wouldn’t mind giving our legs a strain-break, I’ve put together three style tips to help augment and spice up your look to any event/hangout when flats are what you’ve chosen to show up in.


If you want to successfully pull-off the “hot-in-flats” look, then your hair has got to be well made. No specific hairstyles ‘cos it all depends on your personal preference and taste, but ensure that whichever hairstyle you opt for is well-able to draw more attention to your head, than your feet.


Here, there will be no room for tacky make-up. A beautiful hair on a not-so-tidy face would be awfully disappointing, or don’t you think? So if you have the absolute intention of lighting-up that event in your normal height, lol, trying out one or two online make-up tutorials is surely the way to go. Trust me, it’s nothing extra-ordinary. Just learn the basics (in this order): drawing good eyebrows, the eye shadow application trick, applying your foundation and powder right, learning to line your lids the “wing” way & apply mascara seamlessly, and how to apply your lippy without smudging. You can neither learn it all in one day, nor become a pro overnight. So just take it slow but steady; step by step. And don’t forget practice is actually what makes perfect. It sure would make a huge difference.

Tip 3 (Last Tip): ACCESSORIZE!

Ever dressed in a plain t-shirt on a pair of pencil jeans and flats with just a tiny stud as earrings? Now how about you go try out that same outfit, adding just a bit of accessories and watch what magic that would do to your once-simple ensemble! Personally, since I noticed the sophistication and twinkle accessories add to my outfits, I have slipped from being a sparse accessorizer to a full-time accessories lover. There’s always an undeniable uplifting effect which they add to “any” outfit. Yes, quote me; I said “any” outfit.

Although accessories are capable of turning the most unattractive clothing into a top of the list piece, it’s also very important that you pick out the right sort of accessories to suit the style of your outfit, to avoid looking ridiculous. Accessories could be in form of jewelries i.e neck pieces, stud/hoop/dropping earrings, bracelets or bangles, rings, brooches, etc. or even neck scarves, but no pressure hun. Simply start by trying out what you already have. To get your accessories game going, click here for Glam Radar’s Rules of Accesorizing.

I really hope this post was helpful, especially since it’s Valentine’s Day and lots of Dinner Dates will be going down this evening! 😀 . So try the style tips here for your date tonight with “Him” 😉 and please don’t forget to give your feedback on the style result.

Thanks so much for reading.

Have a Love-Filled Valentine’s Day!





  • Great post! I still love my heels but after I had a foot operation I can’t wear them as often…oh well, can still buy to admire as art! 🙂 xx

  • Foot operation? Goodness! So sorry about that. I can imagine the pain. Hope you’re fine now. Not to worry, go along with which ever type of foot wear you feel most comfy in, provided it looks pretty and hawt 😀 . And the part of buying heels to admire as art sounds like a great idea, although if I were in your shoes, i’d rather spend my money on what I’m sure I’d use 🙂 . Thanks for the comment Samantha; it’s much appreciated. Have a fantastic day ahead!


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