A Toast To Shoependence!

A Toast To Shoependence!

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Our shoe tales begin right from when we are born. Although research shows that babies don’t need to wear shoes until they start walking; to aid their foot development, many of us started our shoe journeys really early. For some, theirs began in their 5th month, while some others in their 7th/8th month after being born. I think mine was ummm….thinking ..I should probably ask my Mum grinning.

So first it’s some fluffy wool shoes just to cover and protect the baby’s feet from cold and any germs that might be flying around, then by the 8th month, we get our pram shoes which we’re so excited about that we even cry when our Mums try to do us some good by keeping our feet open for some fresh air! LOL . Then by the 10th month or so, we graduate to mini shoe sizes: our pre-walker shoes (sizes 3m, 3.5m, 4m). So tiny and cute!

baby shoe

We keep rocking our tiny shoes, changing sizes by a few inches and Ms, and before we know, it’s 7 years gone by! (how time flies). Of course at this age, our parents still get to decide which shoes fit our dresses best and we enjoy them helping out with that until.. we “hit” puberty and it’s like some scales just fall off our eyes. All of a sudden, we want to be responsible for our shoe choices. And there, is where our shoe tastes are conceived!

We start paying attention to little shoe details like the style, the color and how it should match just perfectly (in our eyes) with our clothes. In a bid to have our way with this, sometimes we go as far as arguing with our parents who to us then “wouldn’t just get it”. In our little minds, all we wanted was to look exactly how we had pictured ourselves…. so our friends could look at us in that admiring way that always made the butterflies in our tummies flutter!

Oh well, those days are long gone now. So let’s make a toast to our Shoependence! (shoe-independence) giggling

Now back to the present.

Our shoe for today is a proof that in spite of our numerous shoe flops after whining and insisting on having what we considered the best shoes for us (even when we were wrong 75% of the time), we’ve grown to become ladies with refined shoe tastes, desirable and worthy of emulation.

Let’s take a look:

Zanotti Gold Cruel sandal

This is a signature piece of GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI‘s incredible shoe art collections. It’s called the CRUEL Carryover Style Sandal. “Carryover” ‘cos this particular design was just recently repeated in one of his shoe collections, right after it emerged one of the most wanted of Giuseppe’s iconic creations. Its Metal Gold Flames at the top (which inspired the name “cruel”) gives it a remarkably daring look which is a reflection of a bold, strong and powerful woman (all round).

I’m breathlessly looking for words to describe this, but Giuseppe has already assured us that this piece will grab the spotlight. So what more is there to say to validate this Luxe Sandal of Style Extra-Ordinaire? NIL!

🙂 It feels good knowing that we’ve successfully come thus far in our shoe journeys, but let’s not forget that we still have a long way to go. So if you’re a fashion-lover like myself (of shoes most especially), don’t stop being that. Keep the passion burning. Keep your style kicking. Don’t let it die off. No matter what.

Have a splendid weekend!





  • Word of advice to single Sisters, “A good shoe solves all your problems”!!!

  • LOL! Okay Donald. Noted. But would you mind throwing some light on that for us? 🙂


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