5 Steps to Getting Rid of Your Shoe Clutter

5 Steps to Getting Rid of Your Shoe Clutter

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clutter.jpgIt’s always so convenient to get back home after a long day’s activities and just fling your shoes into your closet without looking back till the next time you need them. I totally get it ‘cos I was once in the Pick – Dust – Wear ‘n’ Toss league. Even when my conscience pricked me about leaving them so disorganized, I would always put up an excuse in my mind, saying I’d do it when I was free. But I sure did post-pone too many times till it transcended into procrastination. I have a feeling you feel me on this one: Yes or No? 😀

But have you ever considered how much more convenient it would be to have all your foot-wears neatly arranged? How it would not only save you the time you would have to use in sorting and searching for the left leg of that favourite peep-toe pump of yours; which you could put into more productive activities, but also save you the money you would spend in replacing those pairs of shoes whose fabrics peel off, get scratched or stained by each other just because you didn’t take proper care in placing them where they ought to be? And did I mention the embarrassment of your new date meeting that space in disarray when he comes visiting? No you don’t want to give off that horrible impression! So it’s high time you waged war against that awful clutter!

I know it sounds like a lot of work (it actually kinda is), but don’t get yourself worked up already darling. We’ll make it as fun as possible 🙂 .

Now how to go about it? Well first, here’s a list of items which would sure come in handy in the process. Some are must-haves, while some are based on personal preference.

  • Rags – a damp one for your suedes/faux-suedes, and a dry one for your glossy and dry leather shoes.
  • A nose/mouth gag for protection from dust – you don’t want to suffer a flu afterwards.
  • Chore gloves to protect your hands from cuts and bacteria.
  • A handkerchief in case you sweat.
  • A stereo to play some good music for inspiration 😉
  • A near-by stool with a glass and a pack of juice/bottle of water on it.
  • A mild perfume to get rid of the stale odor in the covered shoes and the lingering odor in you room by the time you’re done.
  • Buy a foldable shoe rack or get a carpenter to construct one for you, paint it a lovely color with some glossy paint, then find a perfect spot to place it or hang it up.

Once the above listed items are available, then you can set out on the five steps towards getting rid of that disturbing shoe clutter.

Step 1 – Mind Work


You know the saying about how the mind is the birth place of all actions? Well there you have it. The first thing you must do to begin, is get sick and tired of seeing your shoes all heaped up in that repulsive clutter, then totally decide and make up your mind to get rid of it.

Step 2 – Plan It 


To get the best results, you would need to settle down and do it just right, and that could take some time. So set aside a particular day to clear your schedule and get it done. Even if you’ll only use a couple of hours (depending on the number of shoes you have), the exhaustion from the whole process would certainly get you longing for a nap after your post-declutter bath.

Step 3 – Get Down to Business


On the D-day, empty your closet, dust and clean all the shoes, then take them out for some air. Considering how they’ve been piled up for quite a while, it’s important you air the shoes to get rid of any stale odor which they might have inhibited over time. And while they’re being aired, get a damp rag and take out the dust from your closet. If you still intend putting them back where they were, then you certainly can’t return them to dirt and dust. That would totally defeat the purpose.

Step 4 – Set them Up

Now if you still intend to use the shoe space in your closet which you have always done, then simply arrange them neatly there. But I would recommend you put them on a shoe rack/shoe organizer if you don’t already have one. Shoe racks/organizers come in different styles, forms and sizes. Here are some examples.







One of the beautiful things about most shoe racks/organizers, especially the over-the-door ones, is that they come with compartments large enough to fit just a pair of shoes; so there really would be no place for cluttering! They are convenient to use and also add some form of stylish tidiness to your room. You could also add some creativity to it by placing your foot-wears in sections: sandals, pumps, flats, booties, all on different rows. And if you need help with where to find pretty shoe racks/organizers to pick from, click here.

And now the final step, which really rounds it all up:

Step 5 – Keep It Up


Clearing your clutter is awesome, but maintaining a clutterless and organised space is the ultimate goal. This would demand some level of consciousness, discipline and dedication too (especially if all your shoes are kept in one space – wardrobe maybe), before it becomes a part and parcel of you; something you do effortlessly. It might seem difficult to adhere to but trust me; if you are determined to, you’ll be able to.

For a complete guide to buying the perfect shoe rack, click here.

Being fabulous on the outside starts right from behind your closet, where nobody else sees but you. So get your act together girlfriend and transform that clutter to a stunner!

I look forward to hearing tales of your decluttering journey 🙂

Have a productive week ahead.




  • Wonderful post! I LOVE the circular shoe rack…it’s practically art!
    I must confess I am quite good with keeping my shoes in order…although I always feel bad about throwing away worn out old favourites! Lol 🙂

  • Awwww….I know that feeling. If only our best shoes could remain just as they were when we bought them and never get old 🙂 . And yea, the circular shoe rack is totally unique! Thanks a zillion for always commenting on my blog. You have no idea how much your comments have been a source of encouragement to me. *gigantic hug for you* 😀


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