5 Care Tips to Achieving Healthy Feet

5 Care Tips to Achieving Healthy Feet

The recent global pandemic which has consistently ranked top-place on media headlines within the past one (1) month, seems to have stirred everyone on the globe into leading more hygienic lives. Yet, I can’t help but wonder: What happens after COVID-19 is over? Would we revert to our usual haphazard hygiene routines, or would we inculcate our now-so-judicious-hygiene practices and make a habit of them?

Aha! I see you wondering: “Where’s she going with this”? Hey hunnay, just keep reading and you’ll find out in a bit 🙂 .

Hygiene routines vary from environmental to physical, however, a sub of the physical aspect – Feet Hygiene, is our focal point for this post (not that it has anything directly to do with COVID-19 though 😀 ).

Now many of us have endured the inconvenience of smelly feet, dry feet, peeled feet, split toe corners, and the list goes endless! I personally have endured sweaty feet, which often translates into a damp smell at the end of the day, leaving me with so much shoe clean-up to do every single weekend 🙄 . I just settled and accepted it as my own feet lot 🙁 .

And if you’re a career chic like me, then you totally get it when I say the effects of wearing covered shoes for nine (9) straight hours could almost drive your feet nuts!

But after doing quite some research, sieving through the “heap” of information which Google so generously offers, I realized that healthy feet – both in looks and feel, are totally achievable! And in fact, not far-fetched at all! All you need is dedication and consistency, and you’ll be just fine.

So without much ado, here are five (5), very simple but cost effective care tips to help curb to a minimum, any peculiar feet hygiene issues you might be having. These tips are quite general and would work perfectly as basic care for any feet condition, except it’s pretty extreme, which would require medical attention.

1. Dry Them All Up!

Many times after bathing, we so lovingly dry every part of our bodies but forget to take a sit and dry up in-between our toes. Perhaps the first question should even be if we wash in-between our toes when we bath! Medical research shows that bacteria and fungi thrive in warm, moist areas, which describes the state of our toe gaps when we neither wash nor dry them out.

Trust me darl, you don’t want no bacteria or Fungi having the time of their lives between your toes, while you bear the consequence alone! So how about we kick them out by sparing just a minutes to wash and dry :).

P. S – A small, separate towel for your feet only is highly recommended.

2. Moisturize Nightly!

Imagine you were kept sitting in a tight, airless room all day: How would you feel once you got out ? You surely would feel relieved but most especially, would crave for a massage! 😀 . So how could we imagine that our feet do not feel the exact same way after a long day of being packed in a pair of shoes!

Show your feet some love by massaging and moisturizing with either a feet cream or some petroleum jelly (i.e vaseline). This is best done when you’ve washed and dried your feet, and you’re ready to go to bed, so the moisturizing agent gets enough time to sip into your feet’s skin while your body is resting, leaving it feeling hydrated and pampered by morning. However, please note that applying the moisturizer or petroleum jelly in-between your toes should be completely avoided, as you remember we talked about avoiding moisture in-between your toes to prevent bacteria and fungi from breeding.

By morning after showering, simply apply your body lotion lightly over the top and on the heel of your feet and you’re good to go!

3. Seal-off All Feet Injuries

If you must wear a pair of shoes while you have a bruise/cut on your feet, please seal it off during the day with a stripe of plaster, regardless of how shallow the cut might seem. The recommended type of plaster to use is the variant with a light padding underneath it, as it helps to prevent friction between the shoe and the affected area. But once you’re home, gently wash the surface of the cut/bruise if it’s just a mild one, and avoid moisturizing that part of your feet, to enable the skin around that area dry up.However, if the feet injury is beyond basic, please ensure to seek care recommendations from your specialist, okay?

4. Trim’em Nails + A Pedicure Schedule

Grooming finger nails to avoid fixing them before polishing is a totally great idea, as it minimizes damage to them. But toe nails? No babe, that is too risky! I see you already creating an argument in your mind :), but here’s the fact hun: On a daily basis, there’s a higher chance of kicking your foot again a surface than there is with hitting your finger nails against a wall!

Also, the pressure from covered shoes against over-grown toenails could cause nail cracks or could exert so much pressure on the root of the nail, to the point where it becomes week and falls off. Not to mention the possibility of reduced blood flow around the toe nails, which could cause discolored nails :(.

Now about getting a pedicure, I don’t mean simply trimming and polishing your nails. I’m referring to the “full package” which involves soaking in warm water and other essential natural components, brushing, scrubbing, etc. I know this sounds all fancy, but trust me babe, you’ll not only love how your feet looks, but you’ll absolutely  feel like a princess once you’re done!

While the process is super-relaxing when the burden is taken off you by a professional, it’s still okay if you’d rather do it yourself to save cost or for any other personal reasons 🙂 . So for steps to achieving a lovely pedicure yourself, click HERE to see what Wikihow has to say about it!

5. Rotate Your Shoes

I’ll save you the long story: Our shoes need to be aired. Whether you have naturally sweaty feet or not, a worn shoe retains moisture from your feet. Now that moisture if left uncatered for long, translates into your once favorite, gorgeous, crispy-clean shoes becoming an oozy zone (lol).

Airing in this case isn’t simply flinging off the shoes till the next two (2) days. It’s about cleaning the in-sole of the shoes with a clean cloth, some soap and a bit of water, after of course cleaning the externals. Thorough inner cleaning works hand-in-hand with tips 1-4 above, as it keeps your feet safe from infections.

So to avoid getting to the point where you have to lock your doors and windows to take-off your shoes 😉 , please try wearing your shoes at an interval of at least 1 full day, to give them some time to breath a little,

And that’s about it! I hope you found this article helpful 🙂 .

Are there some other effective feet hygiene routines you currently practice which I didn’t mention up here? Please feel to share them with me in the comments section.

Thanks for the read!



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