3 fun things to do with your shoes before work resumes!

3 fun things to do with your shoes before work resumes!

A resonating wave of boredom occupied our daily routines, as the lockdown intensified in several parts of the world, including Nigeria. In Lagos, which happened to be the focal point of the movement restriction, our initial response to the lockdown was a heavy sigh of relief from the city’s hustle and bustle. Finally, we could all get our well-deserved rest, without sudden alarms jolting anyone out of bed.

But as week 1 slipped into week 2, 3 and now week 9, we miss our former lives! We’ve exhausted all the indoor activities we laid out at the beginning of this journey.  And for my ladies who love to shop with us on a regular, we totally understood when those orders weren’t rolling in. I mean, for goodness’ sake, to where would you have been able to wear them anyway?

Thankfully, as many countries including Nigeria have started to relax their COVID-19 containment measures and requirement for work-from-home, we can now afford to begin a countdown to the end of this episode. But as this anticipated end approaches, it has dawned on us how fast time flew and how we all need to leverage on what’s left of it, to sort out some of our shoe affairs!

Now to take this proposition a few steps further, we have put together three (3) important to-dos to help every shoe-lover across the world, maximize the time left!

P.S – Thank us later! 😉

Now voilà our to-dos!

1. Let’s Declutter Our Shoe Closets

Considering the length of “relaxation” which many of us have had, you would agree with me that there wouldn’t be a better time in the year 2020 to declutter your choked shoe closet other than now, because by the time business activities normalize, we’ll all be too busy recouping what’s left from the pandemic, that the last thing on our minds would be any “fancy” activity!

So to help you on this exciting journey to shoe-sanity (LOL), we recommend you click and read this previous post of ours: 5 Steps to Getting Rid of Your Shoe Clutter.

2. Let’s Give Some Out

A fundamental part of decluttering is sorting out unnecessary items in order to tidy up, which in this case would involve those foot wears you haven’t worn in the past 3-6 months. Now with the already spiraling global economic down-slide (emphasis on Nigeria), it’s quite obvious that individual spending will be channeled through a strict order of priority, in which food, housing and healthcare would surely come before a shoefest!

Now do you realise that life has presented you with that opportunity you’ve been searching for – To impact the lives of those around you? So seize it hun! Sort out those shoes you haven’t worn in a while but are still in very good condition, find one, two, three women around you whom you know are struggling; maybe even that diligent Assistant of yours, and extend a hand of love to them with those lovely pairs of shoes.

Now just to show you how much of a big deal shoe charity is globally, did you know that there are international organisations who actively engage in providing shoes for those who may not be able to afford some? Here’s a short list:

Girl…chill. Before you start arguing, yes it’s true, you love those shoes. But you and I know that they “used to be your favorites”, which means you have newer ones which have comfortably taken their place. Come on now – We believe in you. We know you can do this!

Every woman is a queen. All she needs; beyond a healthy inner-self, is a bit of touch-up on her exterior to help her walk the talk. You can be that person who adds an extra shimmer to a sister’s crown today!

But don’t forget: Only give what you can wear. If it’s spoiled beyond repair, kindly dispose. And if it’s repairable, please fix it before giving it out 🙂 .

N.B – Please ensure to pack neatly and nicely, before handing them out.

3. Let’s Restyle Our Shoes

Have you ever wondered what you could do to those shoes of yours that aren’t exactly old, but just too pale and tiring to re-rock? Well, guess what? You could actually restyle them!

Wondering how? Then watch out for our next post, as we’ll be guiding you through an exciting, step-by step video on how to achieve this without tainting your shoes!

P.S: Do you have any ideas of other fun activities we could perform with our shoes during this period? If yes, please feel free to share in the comments section, as we can’t wait to hear all your awesome ideas!

Thank you so much for the read pretty.

Have a fabulous weekend ahead!


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